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    Is the addiction going to increase?

    These days we see many people are addicted to smartphones. Many of the people who will be doing their jobs or students who are studying will also be spending some time watching their cellphones only. When people are having regular work also somehow they are managing and spending their time on Smartphones. Even they have them while eating also.

    Now all the people are having no offices and no schools. So they are having more time and they can work on their smartphones for a longer duration. So by the time the present situation completes and normalcy prevails, the addiction to these electronic gadgets will increase. Do you accept it?
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    When you do not have time to indulge in such things, I am sure you'll not do it. Those who are addicted to their smart gadgets can become addicted even more for the entire lockdown period but those who are not addicted will not be affected anyway. There are many things to do when you are at home and you can easily find out which things to do at what time. Those who are addicted to smart mobile devices do not have much to do other than their usual official stuff. When the offices are closed they have nothing much to do other than tapping on their gadgets.

    During this time, the parents must be vigilant enough to stop this addiction of gadgets in their kids. Rather, the parents can join their kids to engage in some activities inside the home. There are many indoor games available that can be played together and the parents may also feel like revisiting their childhood days while playing with the kids.


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    Yes, we have seen the kids engaged with the activities of smart phones. Intially, they might have got some sort of guidance from their parents to know the tips. Once they are familiar with the different options to handle the smartphones, they operate them freely. The parents need to educate their kids regarding its side effects but more is the delay from the parental side more they will be addicted. In fact, the kids are addicted due to lack of attention of their parents either due to their over involvement to their duties being the employees of the different concerns or their involvement with the friend circles. Hence it should be the prime duty of the parents to devote some time to their children so that they could be tackled easily to do the essential school homework apart from other normal activities.

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    Smartphones, Cellphone or gadgets make only business activities management or others public connect each others country by country but nowadays peoples use the only spare time when they office or another work completed they feel relaxed they play games or others activities on Mobilesphone. Children use Mobiles in study-related to some use of spare time on mobiles. My point of view today is an advanced day our youth can use mobiles online to earn money who is smart works they try on internet. some use search wrong things and some use our benefits.

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    Sir, the smartphone craze is only bound to increase and not decrease. It will simply envelop the collective consciousness of hundreds of thousands of people. One is also told that cheaper models are available for as low as Rs.6000, though I own one five times as costly, but gifted by my son.

    The basic advantage is that it has what's up and access to the internet. It has storage space for notes. It is very much ideal. As regards the addiction, there are almost fistfights between me and my wife, who gets angry when I spend a lot of time watching it.

    It has crossed all cultural barriers. Its utility is what brings it more business day after day. The craze will only increase. However, since the children also have their own gala time watching movies through Netflix and so on, the communication problem goes on increasing between parents and children. In some families, the parents ( both highly educated and employed in senior managerial positions) gift the children with smartphones and allow them to use it at will. As long as the children do not disturb them, they are happy. However, this can be dangerous and they need to exert some pressure and control to see what is going on.

    Now, with the 21 days clampdown, the local Tamil television channels have started showing Tamil movies with an added vigor and most have "special" shows. The advertisers are having a whale of a time. Since the work from home arrangements are now so common, the parents have a bit of a time to spend with children. Will the children come out of their smart phones and listen to them remains to be seen.

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    Actually no one expected that life would change that drastically and even those who are habituated to stay home are not liking the concept of staying inside walls for hours, days, and weeks together. We are all habituated to social gatherings, and having close meetings with peoples concerned. And now the social distancing is proving to be great barrier and the personal touch and rapport we had earlier with the people have gone and we are making friends and taking advantage of the situation to use the smartphones to a larger extent and if God forbids, the phones go dead of out of order, many of us would become mad for sure.
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    The craze and addiction of using smartphone is already there and it is going to increase in leaps and bounds in the coming days when most of the people would have unoccupied minds. This has become a necessary evil in our life. The cheaper data is available now and one can see a series of hilarious, prank or entertaining videos to pass the time passively. It is neither a creative activity nor a constructive one but a lazy way of passing one's time. There are many platforms which encourage people to upload short videos of less than a minute duration as a fun activity and millions of videos are being uploaded by the young people who like to prank and have fun here and there. The platform earns money from the advertisements and other business activities while the user is happy with his videos which are shared by his friends and other like minded people. So everyone is busy in the virtual world where endless garbage is flowing from one place to other enveloping the users in its lap.
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    People are already addicted to this smartphone thing and with more spare time in hands one would tempt to use this facility for a longer time. Even children are glued to it most of the times and do not listen to their parents.
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