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    Namaste over Hand shake

    Different people greet differently. In India we greet with a Namaste-.
    Namaste with hands folded and head slightly lowered. By joining the palms and bowing head,we honour the persons,whom we meet. It is kind of Mudra known as Anjali Mudra in Yoga.
    It symbolises that every one is equal. We show our gratitude also.We welcome the person,who comes to meet us.In this way we also pay our gratitude to Supreme.
    In Hand shake we have to make contact with other person. We donot know others person hand is clean or not. It is the way to spread germs. So several leaders of the world and others are now joining their hands to say Hello or Hi.
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    Our hand share other is Islamic rules if germs spread worldwide and call avoid do not share one another's our rules is respectful but nowadays germs spread world we want our hand faraway and save lives our and others public

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    Folding our hands and slightly bowing down our head is the best way to show our respect to our respected guests or friends. This was originated from,Indian - culture and with the spread of the corona virus, we need to change our earlier stance using hand - shakes. Once this pandemic has started, such an act would prove to be dangerous giving free hands to the dangerous germs. Hence hence resorting to earlier culture followed in India is the most pertinent step in the present scene so as to take care of the germs. Moreover, folding hands before the guests is the symbol of showing are best regards at the same time.

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    Our habits should be good and they should be healthy. Hygiene is to be maintained. Shaking hands is not actually our culture but we adopted the same from other countries. Indians are very good at respecting the guests.' Athidi Devo Bhava' is what we believe. So we should show our respect to the guests like what respect we show towards our elders. Generally, when we see our elders we fold our hands and say Namaste. The same system is always better than shaking hands. When we shake hand there is every chance we may get infectious from the contact of the other person or vice versa. `
    always confident

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    After reading this post I was taken to the video of Prince Charles who was the host at a function and many wanted to greet him and even extended the hand for a handshake and having realized the ongoing Corona menace, the Prince started greeting the guests with Namaste and that looked a pleasing gesture because Namaste has the quality of saying our greetings and concern in the most benevolent way. Post-Corrona cases, many dignitaries and leaders in the world would now shift to Namaste way of telling the greetings and that would become the benchmark across the world.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is really a great matter that the Namaste from India is being adopted worldwide by people as a health safety measure and definitely it would make a new tradition in the whole world to greet each other like that. Some of the things in our culture are very trustworthy and remarkable and Namate seems to belong to the same lot. I feel proud about the adoption of this gesture by the global community.
    Knowledge is power.

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    K. Mohan
    It is also recommended by the WHO Director General. The American President Trumph prefered Namaste over Hand shake with Irish P.M.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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