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    Good news ! Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers to restart deliveries today

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    In these days Noval Corona is affecting every part of the world and all shop and market are closed but in this moment Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers to restart deliveries today, Delivery boys will be able to flash identity cards issued by their firms such as Flipkart, Big Basket or Grofers, among others, as access pass through the nationwide lockdown. I hope this will be good news for all Indian people in India.
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    I welcome it. It is really a relief measure to serve people to stay at home without starvation. We should avoid crowding in bazaar and markets and avail the services of such online suppliers by spending little extra money.
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    After the PM Modi announced 21 days lockdown all of a sudden the central and state governments failed to understand the aftermath challenge as most of the online marketing persons and their vehicles were seized by the local police citing illegal plying and thus they stopped deliveries. Now the governments understood that they made the goof up and allowed the online retailers to accept the orders and make supplies. The new arrangement would ensure supplies for households without hazards. But the government must ensure that online marketing companies should not indulge in squandering huge rates as the panic buying from the customers would start. There must be 24 hours monitoring the orders, the rates and supplies from the government agencies so that cheating would not takes place at this hour of crisis.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Every major move should be planned well. If the local Kirana guys are allowed to be open for two hours, even they will be happy to deliver door to door and online payments can be made. The delivery boys can wear gloves and then deposit the packets with the watchman or just outside the lifts in all gated communities.

    Some safety precautions can always be taken. Making announcements without caring for the effects will be disastrous. For example, in Bangalore, one is told, the educated bachelors who work from home are simply hungry. They do not have their cooks coming. Nor are they able to buy the essentials like before. Most do not cook. What will happen to such people? The best solution is to allow all online players to get temporary passes for the police and even the mobile police not doing the patrol should be empowered to give these passes after checking all the details. The passes have to be the manual ones. If the e-passes are issued, they should reach the email address of the concerned delivery person. At least the delivery persons will not sit at home and do a good job. Their jobs will be safe. They will drive on empty roads and social distancing is there for the asking.

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    Hotels are allowed to make food, pack and customers can take away the food home and eat. Another thing is emergencies will never allow you to plan meticulously. If the Prime Minister has to ensure that no small mistake also will happen before announcing lockdown, he can't do it immediately and the time last in this planning may create havoc. So announcements should come and major issues should in place and minor issues can be rectified at any moment. Yesterday Telangana Government issued 2000 NOCs to students in Hyderabad who are staying in the PGs.But when they reached the check posts at the border they were not allowed to cross the borders. To sort out the problem CMs of both stated have to come into the picture. Telangana might have asked the PGs to continue to serve food for those people instead of allowing them to go out of Hyderabad as Hyderabad is a high alert area.

    Now the delivery boys start delivering the items at home many people may not show interest to go out and the major problem will get sorted out. Even small shops are also allowed up to 1 PM and they are making normal business.

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    Now the real problems start. All of us would be preferring online buying and the orders would be overflowing. Normally the delivery time given was 6 working days. And the order that was booked prior to lockdown announcement the message of deliveries received was after April 15th. So one can imagine the overflowing orders and surely the online companies cannot meet the urgent requirements of the customers. And movements of the delivery boys would be also risky as the local police are very strict after curfew being clamped from 7 pm to 6 am in Telangana.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Just now I logged in to Flipkart. When I browsed for food items, rice, wheat flouretc., they are all temporarily unavailable. When I logged into the Bigbasket, the message shown is "We'll be back soon! We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand. In light of this, we are restricting access to our website to existing customers only. Please try again in a few hours." As of now, the Ecommerce platforms are not accepting new customers or not taking any fresh orders.
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    It will take some time to normalize the situation. Issuing the identity cards to the delivery boys' is not a problem rather the main problem would be the scarcity of the essential items. One of the news channels reported that though some of the e-commerce platforms are accepting the orders, the delivery date for such orders is beyond one's imagination. When you are ordering for the essential items today are you going to wait till the 1st week of the next month to receive your orders? There is a fear among people which is quite natural and at this juncture, it's better to order online than standing in the queue inside the crowded market. Everything cannot be planned when the situation is extremely tough, it takes a little time to settle down and I hope the government is going to make the necessary arrangements keeping in mind the inconvenience faced by the countrymen.

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    The online stores are not able to maintain their operations due to many reasons ranging from unavailability of the material to lack of working hands. There is a big increase in the orders and it is not possible for them to practically supply the material to so many people at the same time. Though they are telling that they are open but when one gives an order most of the times it is showing as 'not available in your area' or like that. So many customers are being rejected for the supply and it is really a difficult situation for the house locked people who are mainly dependent on the outside supplies.
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    When my son sought to open Big basket and Grofers and place orders, it was not opening and that proves either the sites were overbooked nor not able to withstand too much demand for their site. Having vexed with this we have gone to the More, supermarket near my house and fetched the vegetables at very cheaper rates. To our surprise, the tomatoes were brought for just 10 rupees a kg whereas the same were sold at 60 per kg by pushcart vendor. But the problem at the supermarket is that they are sending one person to enter and it takes hours together to shop and that needs lots of patience,
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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