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    Do meditation and spirituality help in our lives?

    In our Hindu scriptures and books it is mentioned that meditation and spirituality help us to reach the divine state of bliss and we can get the state of perfect happiness and calmness in our lives. Many people observe these things in their lives and take advantage as envisaged. It is said that spirituality is a path to become wiser and prudent in life and one who understands the subtleties of spirituality can attain the ultimate salvation. Many of us do Yoga and meditation as a part of our morning exercises. Some of us pursue the spiritual paths also. What is your experience about these things? Whether they are really useful in our lives? Do they really give the results as believed by many people? Kindly share your experiences.
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    Meditation and spirituality are good for keeping our mind stable. They will make us freer and we will not get stressed easily. When I have some serious problems in my mind and if my stress levels are increasing, I go for meditation immediately. I start forgetting the problem and start meditation. After doing it for 10 to 15 minutes my concentration will increase and I can focus more on my problem and my stress levels will come down. This I experienced many times. I think this will be true for all the people.
    Sometimes in the morning if I miss my routine pooja, I feel a little different on that day. So what I do on that day is read the slokas and devotional prayers while commuting. Our time will be saved and I am able to come to normalcy once I do this. So I feel all these morning rituals are good for keeping ourselves in control and get more focus on the subjects you have to attend. Each and every individual may experience the same.

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    Surely we all need a break from the daily routine at the office or at the home. Meditation gives us a relaxed mind diverting us from the maddening crowd, the responsibilities and above all giving us the inner feeling of having achieved something because we go the stage of transcendental and that gives the great feeling of away from the possible wants and behavior. On the other by connecting to spirituality, we are gaining new knowledge, new wisdom and connecting with those who are above our age and experience. By listening to the discourses of the great people our mind becomes more refreshed and we rear to go with new zeal and vision.
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    Meditation and spirituality.... I have my own apprehensions and derivatives about these two. I have respect towards the followers and not intended to belittle them. A pen and a sword both are fine as long as they are rested at safe hands. Taking a break, doing meditation for a while and going to temple or listening to preachers won't make a difference as long as you don't think about things from zero level and without pre-occupied notions.

    In general, both give you a peace of mind and would help you to analyse the situations properly and take a right decision and the conditions apply here too.


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    Till now, I have heard that whoever is practising meditation is getting very good results. Meditation is always a good way to calm down and even doctors also suggest meditation for a stress-free life. Now, what is a divine state cannot be defined and I can say it's all about feelings. Some things can only be felt and I think meditation helps one to look at life from a different viewpoint. A meditative state of mind is something that heals the mind completely and for that one has to meditate on a regular basis. Doing something just for the sake of doing it will not help. It's good to read the religious scriptures and to listen to the preachings but the difficult task is to follow it in our daily lives. Nowadays, you will find many people are associated with organizations that practise and preach spirituality. Do all of them think positively and apply their minds while carrying out a task? It's very important and the preachings will be of use only when it is followed in a realistic way.

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