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    In the absence of fast-food availability children pressing mothers for new varieties

    Having habituated to outings in the evenings and having the likes of fast-food items in the market, the children are now feeling tied down and pressurizing the mothers to try new varieties of snacks at home and though some mothers feel this as the new opportunity for them to serve the best snacks known to them invariably many mothers are not aware of such preparations and thus cut a sorry figure in front of the children much to the annoy of every family members. Is that the case happening at your home or neighborhood.
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    Such as every home children demands a new variety of eating food daily basis. Many homes children demand outdoor fast food things they do not like home eat. Mostly mothers pressuring forced home eating but children forced mothers to fast food item market. Only suggest home food id like otherwise fast food bad habits in children. Mothers want children train home to eat nor fast food.

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    Young people don't want to have routine traditional food. They want to enjoy the variety. In my house also our daughters-in-law want to cook some special food for dinner so that their husbands will be happy. My wife also will not have any problems. Once in awhile, she will be OK with new types of dishes. But I am the only odd man out. I never like to have these items.
    Now also these fast foods are available but you can't go and eat outside. You can get them to your house. That will give you some additional time to attend other works. But in the present times, it is better and wise to eat only in the house. The mothers can try new dishes which will make their children happy once in a while.

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    Children are habitual of outside fast food and at least 2-3 times in a week they would like to go out and have it. Of course it depends on their pocket money and financial condition of the parent also. Once that facility is discontinued due to the virus infection conditions outside the home it is natural that children would expect some delicious and tasty items in the house itself hoping that their mother might prepare some equivalent yummy item for them. Many mothers are competent to do so but nowadays many are doing jobs and are not so proficient in cooking activities. So children will have to wait for some time till the conditions are improved.
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