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    What a lovely friend Grammarly is! It helps a lot to write correct English

    Grammarly is an effective tool to write good English. It helps a lot to overcome spelling mistakes, prepositions, punctuations, spaces, etc.

    Yesterday, I requested ISC to unlock a few of my articles to learn Html tags that I used in my past articles. When I wrote those articles, I did not have the Grammarly feature, and the mistakes were plenty. Today, when my articles got unlocked, I could see an ample number of red lines in my articles. It is the Grammarly that showed its presence there. And I could correct all my mistakes and made the article look neat and clean without any mistake.

    Members, Do you have Grammarly with you? If not, have it now. It is a wonderful English checking friend to us.
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    As soon as I log in to this site, the Grammarly green dot appears on the right side of the address bar and it is also seen at the right side bottom of this answer box readily watching and towing with what we are writing and making corrections immediately as to the spellings, giving coma at the right place and also asking us to put hyphen where ever needed. The way it underlines the mistake with red ink brings back the school days' remembrance when teachers used to underline the wrongs and thus Grammarly has become my friend, tutor, and guide in making me understand the intricacies and good of English.
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    Kindly correct the spelling of Gramirilly as Grammarly. I am sure Grammarly would get angry and annoyed with your misspelling of a correcting tool.

    I don't know why Gramirilly is not underlined with a red marking in my box. Someone might have included Gramirilly in the dictionary.

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    It's correct! Grammarly helps us a lot to improve our writings in English. I hope all the members have already installed this tool and if anyone is left they must do it soon after reading this thread. After using this tool for some time, you will be able to learn a lot about the ways of using words in a sentence along with the necessary punctuations required in the writeup. I like this tool and after installing it, you will find notifications for mistakes in your e-mails too.

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    Grammarly and its pros and cons were discussed in detail in this thread by the same author sometime back in 2016.

    This thread is still being allowed since we have many members who have joined subsequently and they might stand benefitted by this introduction. Senior members are requested to ensure that they do not repeat the points in the earlier thread.

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    Yes. Long back in 2016, we discussed Grammarly in detail. I think Grammarly now has an improved version. Many newbies at ISC may not have Grammarly with them. Download it and see how it fits you and comment on it.
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    Grammarly is helping us in making our English better and to write better English. If you write the content and copy and paste it in the column of ISC we will see a number of red lines under the words and we have to correct them as per the suggestion given by Grammarly. Now many of my spellings are not going wrong and I improved my English writing to some extent when compared to earlier times.

    Of course, On ISC there are many members who are very good at their capabilities and proficiencies in the English Language. Such people may not require any help from this app. They may be even able to find out the mistakes and correct them for other's writings.

    Sometimes this app is helping us to change the sentence constructions also by identifying the wrong usages we are doing in our writing. That way it is helping a lot and we should thank the same for its service.

    always confident

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    I got introduced to Grammarly app last year only and it has benefited me much. After first round of editing my long write ups I generally check them with it and frankly speaking find many mistakes which it suggests to correct there itself. This is a good app and has helped many beginners in the field of writing. I will request some of the new members in ISC whose posts are very confusing and unclear in their meaning due to poor English composition to use this app before they submit their posts. I am sure it would be very helpful to them. Please take this initiative from your side. This app is freely available in play store.
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    I think by using the apparatus Grammarly, my representations could be free from some errors which otherwise creep in at times. Though there may be a different approach in this line by asking our esteemed readers and Editors of ISC to pinpoint the mistakes in my contributions . But in that case, both the parties would hesitate in taking initiatives and the situation could be embracing sometimes.
    Hence the apparatus Grammarly is highly recommended.

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    Sun sir, actually, Grammarly is a great tool to correct the spelling mistakes and grammar ones. Each time, when we write articles or forum content. It is helpful if only if it used any content that is written on online. I have used this tool many times
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    Sita Kalyani,
    Your response is very good. It is very clear to understand. Yet there are few mistakes which are negligible. Well done. Keep using Grammarly to improve your English writing skills.

    I like your footer " I like those who criticize me."

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    Sun thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake and it stands corrected now. But when I opened the post for correction it has not shown red line, is that mean I carried the right spelling?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The misspelled word might have caused confusion to Grammarly. Grammarly must have ignored Gramirilly thinking that it is a newly invented word, and must have included it in the dictionary. Or you might have clicked "Add to dictionary".

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