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    Will the markets bounce back after three months?

    My mutual fund advisor had a voice that was a bit feeble. He was a bit reluctant to openly advise any fresh investment, given the bloodbath in the stock markets.

    However, certain other investors who are actually now working from home in their mutual funds, have an optimistic take, particularly on funds that have a portfolio of investment in the FMCG companies. Their reasoning is that the FMCG companies would not be affected by the Covid19 or by the economic impact of the current lock down in the entire country.

    Is this take true? Is it true that the stock markets will bounce back and mutual funds will also be back in action? Members who have deeper knowledge about investment matters may share their views.
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    We are not in a state to predict things, especially the stock market. Now we all are worried about our food to feed by sitting at home. Is it an important requirement to think about the rise and fall of the stock market now or after three months of a year? We may fall completely without anything to Zero, and may not raise again.
    Talk about the stock markets, if we can drive away COVID from our gates. COVID is growing day by day.

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    This is too early to think about this now. But one thing is sure. Definitely, there will be a rise in the prices of shares of the companies from the lowest of these days. So I feel if we have money we can buy fresh shares at the lower rates and we can sell them off when we see there is an increase. That may give us some money. One should not sell the shares they have now. Almost all the shares at their lows.
    All the manufacturing industries are closed and almost all companies will have losses only. So everywhere we are seeing dark only. Definitely light will come if not in three months, maybe in four months. The first issue is to save our lives. My 24 hours are not getting over in 24 hours. It is taking more time So let us concentrate on keeping our concentration in keeping the Coronavirus outside our country so that we are all safe.

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    Market movements depend on many factors and time to time we see the ups and downs in the market. It is a usual thing and those who can make good predictions can suggest good measures to make money also during those perturbation. That is in the normal situations. Today we are going through an unprecedented situation and no one knows what would happen in the next few months whether the virus would be controlled naturally or through vaccine or some other miracle or become more ferocious and strong and engulf the humanity in its envelope. So, it is very difficult to predict the market movements today. Of course we should be positive in our lives and think that future would be good and it is a matter of few months before the normalcy returns. If that positive note is acceptable then definitely markets would also rebound with full force and people who are investing today would get handsome return. But who can predict the future?
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    Out of 130 crore population, only 0.1 percent might be playing the share market game. They are a worried lot about the money invested in shares. Rest. 99.99 percent are worried about their bread. We are in an unpredictable stage whether we will be fully caught or partially caught or released by the virus. Don't do anything with your money in hand or in bank or in shares. Don't sell or buy shares. Wait for the result of lockdown India result on 15th April to plan your future with investments in share market.
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