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    Timely action will save us from difficulties.

    In our day to day life, we may be facing a lot of difficulties and we will be trying hard to come out of those difficulties. But sometimes we will hesitate to take the correct action and the loss we get because of that will become very high. We will realize this only after we lost. That is why we hear many times that a stitch in time saves nine.

    I have purchased the shares of a company and after I purchased those shares the prices went very high. But I never thought of selling them. Now the share price has come down to a level that the price is lower than what I have purchased. Had I sold those shares a year back I might have made good money.

    Members, what is your opinion?
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    I am not a Share Master. In the year 2001, I bought some UTI shares. Not much but a few 100 shares only. I did not keep track of it and I do not know what is happening with those UTI shares now. I think I lost them. Is there any way to get back my shares? At least I should get the money I invested without any gain or loss. Guide me, please. Where to go? Who to contact? How to get?
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    This sort of thinking does not suit the investors in the share market. One should be a longtime investor to get the benefit from the share market. Nothing to worry. The share market will pick up once the situation becomes normal. Panic selling will result in loss only.
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    Timely action is a crucial thing in our lives and many people are able to take it but there are situations when we cannot decide those actions as we do not foresee the future so clearly. Everyone becomes intelligent after the incident has taken place. There are some uncertainties in our lives that prevent us to take us timely decisions. Share market decisions belong to that category only. There are always two views. One says keep your holdings for a longer time while the other says that sell them at the opportune moment. In both the cases the future repenting situations might emerge from those decisions.
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    You might be possessing some UTI units (that time they were known as units only) of face value Rs 10. Once upon a time these were considered a very good investment avenue and there was annual dividend payment scheme or cumulative scheme. Depending on that you might had got some annual returns or your cumulative units might had increased in their quantity. Anyway this scheme met with a financial disaster and failed miserably but the investors were returned some amount (almost half of their investment) by investing in some new scheme. There were many things that happened and I do not remember the whole story but the UTI was then transformed to UTI mutual fund.

    I think you can try to get further help from them about your holdings. One of the offices is at -

    Lotus Court Building, 196, Jamshedji Tata Road, Backbay Reclamation, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020
    Phone: 022 6678 6666

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    The market will pick up, though it will take some time. Therefore, it would be better to wait for some more time. You need to study the nature of the share and how it is behaving during the last couple of years. Maybe a 5 to 10 years period would be better. Study how the share of that particular company behaved during the global recession. I hope you may get some idea about it and plan accordingly. It's true that timely action can always save us from difficulties but at a time when you are facing difficulties it is wise to think of how to get out of the situation. Sometimes the situation makes us wiser which helps us later when we face a similar situation. Regarding the equity market, continuous and regular study of the market is essential if you plan to make an investment or already invested in the market.

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    Everman wants our extended income in our business he thought to buy a share less price and buy high price these business rules. Business rules running profit or loss. You buy a product purchased profit but you sell loss why? you think a product price maintain today tomorrow is high you wrong. You see market-level products less market so price high or product are extended in the market no buyer no purchase price is less.

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    I am agreeing with the author that either by oversight, overconfident or with the others advice we forget to take action when required and as regards share market it is always volatile and even if some gain is seen we should dispose of the share no matter we get little to gain and that should be goal for the beginner or new persons investing in shares. One of my relatives who always has the tow of the share market used to sell and buy by reading the company performance and even then he lost in one script and thus stopped doing share investments. So it is not the cup of everyone's tea.
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