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    Suggest some good books or eBooks for giving nutritious food to our mind

    Books always play a role of food for thoughts and mind. As the physical body need vitamins, nutrition and minerals through quality food, our mind also needs some good positive thoughts to survive and flourish. Books have always proven to be a great food for the intellectual mind.

    In this critical period of world wide pandemic our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji have advised a 21 days lock down for controlling the wide spread of the deadly virus. In such environment where we get to have fears and worries through out the day with continuous in flow of news and updates about counts of infected and death of people, we need to seriously work on keeping the positivism of our mind intact.

    Some spiritual or mind power topic based books may really help in this situation. Here in ISC, we all are well educated and intelligent people. Let us, please suggest some good reads with a short introduction of the book.

    For example, I am now reading book "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch. In this book the author has given some very useful viewpoints about life, spirituality and nature. The entire topic is written in a form of a dialog between God and a common man.

    Please suggest some more good books or eBooks for giving nutritious food to our mind.
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    Deepti Sriram,
    Instead of reading books, I suggest you think about poverty, unemployment, corruption and write articles on them. This is time ideal to write articles and publish them through ISC. In 21 days, you should write 21 Articles and earn Rs.2100 /-

    Also, think about containing deadly viruses in the future without medicines. Try and write articles.

    No life without Sun

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    We can also learn to draw pictures, play word games to improve knowledge. Read e-books from internet and play more with kids. Share your happiest moments with family. Remember your school and college days. Clear all the clutter from your house. Write a story, take pictures of birds, be with ISC.
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    Books are a great source of knowledge, information and generate ideas in our minds when we read them. They are like good friends who give good advices to us. There are various kinds of books ranging from children story books to spiritual ones and depending upon one's interest one can go for them. Genre wise books can be categorised as stories, mystery novels, social novels, science fictions, religious books, spiritual books, poems, essays, academic books etc and one has a vast category to choose from as per one's liking. There are a large number of books which give nutritious food to our mind and one which I can recommend at this juncture is 'Identity and Violence - The Illusion of Destiny' by Amartya Sen. This is a thought provoking book.
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    Mr.Sun and Miss Sharada ji,

    I totally respect your opinion about what we should do in these 21 days, But, I think already there are loads of discussions about the options on utilizing these 21 days. Everyone here in ISC already knows this opportunity to write articles.

    And after all, one cannot draw pictures whole day or write articles whole day. If someone asks you, "Would you like to have tea or coffee or juice?". You will surely not reply like, "One should eat rice and curry to fulfill hunger." We need both meals and refreshments too.

    This thread is about getting suggestions for some good books to widen the spectrum of our knowledge. It is not about asking for options for what to do in these 21 days.

    Friends, I hope you understood my point now.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    The best book you can study during this time is Bhagavad Gita. I started reading that book. There is a very good version of the same published by Geeta Press. There are many other books published by other publishers also. In the book what I am reading, the sloka, then the meaning of the sloka were given. We will get in all languages. You can try that if you are interested in such stuff. Similarly, it is time to read very good epics like Ramayana, Mahabharat, and Bhagavatam. These books are available on ebooks also. Many people have written these books in prose also. Based on your interest you can read those books that are available in all languages of India.
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    Thank you Umesh sir for sugesting a thought provoking book, 'Identity and Violence - The Illusion of Destiny' by Amartya Sen.

    Thank you DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao Sir for your suggestion. "Bhagavad Gita" is indeed a life science book which will rejuvenate the mind in any difficult aspect or situations in life.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    Light reading is good at times like this. I suggest that any book by P.G. Wodehouse is refreshing and a pleasure for light reading.
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    I have read some books and some of them are very encouraging and knowledge providing. Personally, I am much impressed by the simplicity but deep meaning found in the epic Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas.
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    You can visit the National Book Trust (NBT) website and download books free and read.@StayhomeIndia with books.

    You can download 'India Today' magazine for free.

    Many books and periodicals are available for free download.

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