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    Can we make fast-food nutritious?

    Its a challenge to all the mothers who have kids or children because children like fast food more than the food prepared at home. The present fast-food culture is very harmful. There is a proverb in which says "Food which is tastier and is in white colour is more harmful to health". If fast food is prepared more nutritiously with rich protein and mineral content in it, the children will enjoy it and at the same time, grow healthier. Do you agree with it?

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    What I feel that there is nothing better than the home food as regards to taste, acceptance, and health-wise no issues because the parents make the food to the taste of entire family and there cannot be over adding of ingredients nor there would be cheating to add less of what is required to prepare a right food. Fast foods available outside are for commercial exploitation and the shops know the weakness of some households who do not want to cook and depend on fast food. Invariably those who have taken fast food have gathered more fat, bulging stomach and a series of health issues and that paves way for homely food which is always safe and good. And regarding white color food the author has mentioned, nothing can match the curd rice and especially during the summer curd rice is the best way to keep the stomach happy and cool.
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    Yes, by adding more vegetables and less quantity of fast food like noodles you can make it more nutritious. For more protein contents you can add paneer and peas. If child like nutrela you can add some nutrela also. It is a good source of protein. Similarly, if you are making sandwich and burgers at home add more vegetables to it.

    Some people have allergy with dairy products that's why they should avoid it otherwise dairy products are required for growth of a child are very necessary especially during early years of growth.
    However, fast food are not healthy and should not be eaten on an regular basis but I think if taken occasionally with more veggies there is no harm.

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    Whenever we go to a Doctor for some treatment we are generally advised to eat only homemade food. I do not consume fast food because it can badly affect our health. So we should prefer home food for adults as well as children.


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    It is not the fault of kids showing their inclination for the fast foods,,they were not properly taught the benifits of the home made foods. Once they are accustomed to take Maggis, Pizzas, Burgers etc, they hardly give up their choice.
    We can take up a little modifications in their choices by adding green vegetables such as beans, capsicum, lady fingers etc with all being in finely chopped conditions and cooked properly with such spices suiting their tests. Such combinations would dilute the side effects of the fast foods. Cut down the Pizza - portion to half and encourage him to take chapatis along with boiled eggs so as to supplement them with the Protiens.
    We need to adopt some persuasive skills to change their habits. Of course, the dishes served to them must be palatable one.

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    Fast foods are not good for health. Once I had been to Hyderabad Exhibition with my family. There my son ate some fast food. His digestive system got affected and suffered a lot for 3 months. He couldn't go to the office for 3 months. His boss was very nice and gave permission to work from home for one month after recovering from the problem. The main problem with these fast foods is they are not fresh. They will be made half ready and kept. When the customer orders the item they will complete cooking and serve.

    Making fast-food nutritious may be possible. But eating them regularly is no good. They may be tasty but they are not good for health. Once in a while for a change that too from a reliable source only may be acceptable. However many young people may laugh at us and say we have no taste.

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    Fast foods are actually junk foods and are harmful for the health. People somehow take them due to their taste, colour and attraction. In the house, food can be prepared by using healthy ingredients and spices making it tastier and rich in minerals and vitamins. Use of less carbohydrate and oil is the key to avoid the bad effects of the food on our health. It is true that children would not like boiled or roasted foods but we have to use proper spices and other ingredients to make them acceptable to their palate. New experiments in low calorie foods is to be attempted and definitely some of those varieties would be liked by the children.
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    If we prepare fast food in our houses then we take a lot of care and do not load it with unhealthy things. So definitely the fast food prepared in the house is much better in terms of its nutrients.
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