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    SuN's Sunday Puzzle Quiz for Fun and Joy

    We are at home. Today is the 5th day at home. Why not have some puzzle for fun and joy.
    Here are ten questions about cities/places connected with some objects related to those cities/places.

    You need to find out the names of the cities/places, and the name of the objects.
    (Q. 10 needs one-word correct answer)

    1. A three-letter place which has five-letter resorts.
    2. A four-letter northern city which has an eight-letter building
    3. A five-letter western city that produces a seven-letter product that meets a human need.
    4. A six-letter southern city that is famous for four-letter nice human wear.
    5. A seven-letter southern city with a nine-letter presiding deity.
    6. An eight-letter southern city that is famous for the four-letter security item.
    7. A nine- letter southern city which is famous for a five-letter gem(one among the Navratnas).
    8. A ten-letter southern city in which a seven-letter river flows.
    9. An eleven-letter southern city which is famous for five-letter sweet.
    10. This is not a city with a population but a shocking city by its name.

    The first and fast all maximum correct answers will be rewarded suitably.

    Last day 01 April 2020 (1200 Noon) The results will be announced on 02 April 2020.

    Are you ready? Shoot, please.
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    How many letters for the last clue?

  • #692438
    I think a clue is not required. The shock itself a big clue to guess this dangerous city. However not to disappoint you, I would ask the members to add one to get it.

    No life without Sun

  • #692440
    Let be give it a try:-
    1. Goa-Leela
    2. Agra-Taj Mahal
    3. Surat-Diamond
    4. Tirpur- Knit (wear)
    5. Madurai-Meenakshi
    6. Kakinada-Guard
    7. Hyderabad-Pearl
    8. Hyderabad-Krishna
    9. Tirupathi-Laddu
    10. Mumbai

    Lead the leader

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    1. Goa – Beach
    2. Agra – Taj Mahal
    3. Surat – Diamond
    4. Tirupur – Knit (it should be seven letter city)
    5. Madurai – Meenakshi
    6. Dindigul – Lock
    7. Hyderabad – Pearl
    8. Vijayawada - Krishna
    9. Tirunelveli – Halwa
    10. -

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    1. Goa - Leela
    2. Agra - Taj Mahal
    3. Surat - Diamond
    4. Madras - Sari
    5. Madurai - Meenakshi
    6. Tiruppur - Vest
    7. Bangalore- Pearl
    8. Coimbatore - Bhavani
    9. Pondicherry- Rabri
    10. Electricity

    Sobha Wilson
    Lighted to Lighten

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    Happy to see three members' participation. Wish to see more in number members' participation
    No life without Sun

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    Till now, No one could make 10/10. Still, ample time is available for our members to post.
    Members can make use of the last day of the March and first day of April to post their answers to win the SuN's gift.

    No life without Sun

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