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    If there is no harm with daily newspapers why they get sanitized?

    As with Carona affect we are not receiving daily Newspaper at our home immediately on the web edition of the newspaper they(Newspaper owner) wrote a column wrote with a doctor there is no harm with newspapers as the newspaper will not spread viral infections as the next day they told that we sanitized our newspaper. Now my question is if they stick to the first one i.e. If there is no harm with the newspaper then why they get sanitized? Do you think the Daily newspaper contains a virus or germs? Share your thoughts in this thread.
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    Corona is an imported disease carried by the rich returning from the foreign lands, and so far it has affected only their relatives and friends. A newspaper is printed and handled and distributed by common people who have no access to the corona affected people. It is a fresh item to be delivered door to door. I don't think a newspaper will carry a virus and needs to be sanitized. At times we jump more than the specified.
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    We are daily receiving the newspaper and there is no problem. They are not using any sanitizer also. Many doctors confirmed that there will not be any spreading of Corona with newspapers. Hence we need not worry much about it.
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    #692690 You don't know that a lot of Telugu Daily newspapers are sanitized and we are not receiving DailyNews paper in our area...
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    Corona virus can stay for a few hours on paper, currency notes, clothes, utensils etc and it is always advisable to avoid these items and even if one has touched them afterwards wash the hands. The problem is when the person supplying newspaper is all right there is not a problem but by chance he is infected then it would spread to so many. Prevention is always better than cure. Thats why newspaper is stopped in many areas. It applies to the milk packets, flowers, food items etc also. It is also a fact that everyone cannot be so vigilant and careful but let us try our best in these difficult times. Safety requires common sense and basic understanding, it does not require high academic degrees.
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    When the own brothers, sisters and family members are not trusted and asked to wash, sanitize and then enter the home, how can we trust the paper and paperboy in this case? The virus has created panic among the public and those who are educated and aware of the consequences are taking extra precautions. In fact, many who have the habit of reading the newspapers are now reading the online edition and thus keeping away from any chance of virus contact. Though WHO also assured that no virus can get contacted with the papers, the readers have their own apprehensions.
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