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    A homemade lunch vs School lunch for childern(private schools) what do you prefer?

    As we know, some Government schools provide free lunch in schools in order to increase attendance in schools. But in Japan, a free lunch is provided in all the schools (lunch is prepared in schools) to all the students irrespective of the financial status of the student. Do you think we can also afford lunch in private schools with nutritionists employed in schools so that children will have food rich in proteins, minerals and nutrients? This would help in increasing their immunity power also.
    What would you prefer, homemade lunch or school lunch for your children? Share your thoughts on this.
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    You did not mention whether the school authorities charge a fee for providing free lunch to the students. In India, government-run schools provide free lunch to its students. If the school is charging a fee, the food served would be of good quality and quantity.

    In any case, the school lunch of any good may not satisfy the students like their home-prepared lunch.

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    Firstly, private school cannot concentrate on nutrition but they cater to quality of education and can only discipline with the knowledge of nutrient food along with good eating habits.
    In Government schools the strength of the students from 1st standard to 8th standard will be somewhere between 100-250 students. So many people cannot afford to send their children to private schools as they are not strong financially. To increase the strength and to bring in Right to education, to bring education to the poor people, they provide mid day meal, milk to students depends on state rules. Since the strength is less, it is not burden to the Government.
    Finally, coming back to lunch box. It is better to provide homemade lunch box as each parent can understand about the child's preferences and to which food they are allergic to. If private school provide nutrient food with allergic items or ingredients included in food, the child will face health issues.

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    #692970 Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of the School made lunch vs Homemade Lunch

    Pros of School made lunch-

    1) If a nutritionist is employed the students will have more nutritive food with proper calories.
    2) The burden of carrying lunch bags or boxes with them can be avoided.
    3) They can have fresh and hot items available on their plate.
    4) The mother's work will reduce in the kitchen in the morning time and she can concentrate on other works.

    Cons of School made lunch-

    1) Children, having adopted the taste of mothers cooking, may not be able to adjust with the school lunch and so may not eat the food properly and sufficiently.
    2)Hygenic values may be missed if not executed properly.
    3)Will need a lot of manpower to prepare lunch, clean the utensils, dining tables and hall etc.

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    What I feel that the government schools in Telangana are providing superfine rice meals for the children with high-quality Dal and egg also. The meals thus provided are as per the guidelines of nutrition board and experts and the children need to sustain their strength all through the day and also be active in the classes. Whereas the food given by the parents may be good quality but the quantity would be more and not commensurate with the rules. And many parents are giving oily food which the teachers are also warning. Therefore it is good to accept the government-sponsored free food for the children.
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    #692983 As I raised this thread because Government schools are giving free lunch extending this in Private schools too(either free or not free doesn't matter)... In Japan, private schools provide lunch to their children
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    Whether it is free or charged there is no substitute for the home made food specially for the children. It is nutritive, healthy and free from any risk of infection or unhygienic condition. I would prefer home made food.
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    I always prefer homemade lunch than school made lunch. The school made lunch will be of general nature and it may not suit the exact taste of our ward. If the food is made in the house mother will see that it will be made as per the taste requirement of the child. But it is not possible for the school to maintain the tastes of individual persons.
    The hygiene and cleanliness will be maintained better in the houses than in the school. The size of the vessels used in the house will be small and they can be cleaned in a better way. But the vessels used in schools will be bigger and cleaning them properly is very difficult and the people concerned may not take that much care.

    The food made in the house will be packed neatly and will be given to the child and he will eat the same with a spoon and bring the vessels back. But the plates that will be given in the schools for children may not be that much cleaner and the kids may not be able to maintain them properly and the servants in the school may not have time to clean these plates.

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    Children will initially like the school-made lunch. They like the variety from home made food and also the eating in a group. But by and by ,especially if there is no proper variety in menu and taste, the children will start dislikingthe school-made food.
    Food supplied at school will be convenient to many mothers especialy inhomes where both parents are working.

    But ,personally, I would opine that food made at home and given as packed lunch to the child will be the best. It containes the care and affection of the mother/parents. However there should be of some prescribed general standard , normal, simple but nutritious, so that the food brought should not offend or create complexes among the students.

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    Children require some refreshments during the recess in their schools. I remember about 50 - 55 years back when we were going to school there was no concept of refreshment and we used to take food in the morning something like a combination of breakfast and lunch and then after returning from school we felt hungry and ate whatever we were provided by our mother. Those who had money used to buy a few biscuits or other goodies from the hawkers who used to come at the gate of the school during recess time. These things changed drastically when parents started to provide home made tiffin to the children along with a water bottle and slowly it became a necessity rather than a luxury. Then Govt also jumped in to the action and in the name of providing nutritious foods to the children of our country in schools started to distribute free mid day meals. Private schools also mined the race by providing god food to the children on chargeable basis. Today there are some high end schools in our country which are providing quality and class food to the students during the school time. So, various options and alternatives have emerged in this area and considering all of them, I opine that home made food is always a better option.
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    Though some schools are providing foods to the kids with the observation of safety parameters and the foods are definitely wholesome with compliance of nutrition standard set by the school authorities. Even the periodical inspection from the concerned higher authorities did not find any irregularly with respect to the quality of the foods.
    However, the parents may be suspicious with such foods provided by the school - management. Hence tiffins provided by the mothers don't have substitute in terms of quality and nutritional values. Moreover, the kids are hooked on such meals prepared by their mothers. Such foods fulfill the psycological needs of the kids strengthening the bonds between the mothers and the sons. This parameter is crucial.

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    #692982 Government schools which are shut down in many places are only gearing up as they are providing a few benefits. How can they affort nutritionist again, the teachers themselves check the quality before distruibuting to children. Hence teachers have to play a dual role of teacher as well as nutritionist.
    Mother's work may reduce but wife's work calls her back to kitchen. She cannot skip from kitchen during morning as we are speaking about lunch and not breakfast. She can efficiently complete both the tasks, once she is in.

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