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    How can we produce more number of self aware people?

    Self awareness is an important thing in our lives as it helps us in understanding a situation in its totality and we can plan our next step in our life accordingly, based on our complete perception of the matter. I can say that it is definitely a positive trait to have sufficient amount of self awareness. From an individualistic point of view, it seems to be a satisfying thing but one single self aware person in a society or country is not sufficient for its progress and development. Many people should have some degree of self awareness so that as a group of individuals and community there is the requisite progress. I feel that any society where many people are self aware can easily progress and develop as compared to one where a limited number of people are self aware.

    Now the vital question comes up is how this self awareness is achieved on a community level. It is difficult but not impossible. Good education coupled with a good guidance from a mentor would inculcate a good amount of self awareness in a person and in any country where emphasis is given on educational and social matters there is a good chance to have more number of self aware people. Adhering to discipline, employment opportunities and social indiscrimination are the essential building blocks of inculcating self awareness in the masses and any Govt which focusses in that direction would produce a large number of self aware people. That would eventually lead to the progress of the country.

    This is my entry for the topic based month end contest - Self awareness.
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    In India there is a habit that when someone follows something or innovate new, we tend to follow or ape them. Same way if self awareness habit is created among few lots, others would also follow the same.
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    As an individual, we should have the responsibility of taking care of ourself and at the same as a member of the community, it is our responsibility that the whole society will develop. For this more persons in our society would have self-awareness. More the members in our society or having self-awareness we will see good progress very fast. A person with self-awareness will always think about the progress of the nation and he will ask for his responsibilities also not only his rights.
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    It is good to have more number of self aware people in a society but the problem is one can try to be more self aware but how he is going to make others more self aware is to be found out. The mechanism can come from the society itself through regular education and interactions only. The role of the Govt is also of prominence in this matter. It is also to be seen that merely educating people would make them more self aware or not. On a general note being self aware is a personal choice and how we are going to make it a social attribute is to be found. There might be a way out.
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    Self-awareness is definitely a positive trait and will always help one to progress in life. Since it needs some practice to develop self-awareness one has to try to be aware of oneself. It is not something like studying a book and memorising it rather it's similar to acquiring a skill. Being disciplined since childhood and keeping the emotions under control can help. The mental makeup of a child develops with age. This is largely dependent on the environment, peers and the situation inside their homes. Here the role of the teachers and parents is very important. The ways and means to become aware of oneself have to be learned and this learning comes from realization. Teachers and parents will say, they will provide some examples but the realization must come from within. Here nobody has the role other than an individual.

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