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    A new word learned today

    While I was reading a post in the whats app group discussion, I came across a new word. (I admit it was new to me; but some of you might be knowing that).
    The word is 'Henotheism'.

    I imediately referred online doctionary and other references on the net to know more about the meaning and essence of the word.

    I am not going to give the meaning here. As it is lockdon period, I would like you to have a positive time-pass and involvement. So kindly make reference and learn about the word. While referring this particular word you may also come across many related words too. You may also post your findings and your own explanations etc.

    Have a nice time referring and learning.
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    Sorry, Venkiteswaran.
    The word 'Henotheism' is not found in the dictionary I have. Are you sure of the spelling? In my dictionary, the words are -' hen night' followed by' hen party'. Thus heno is not seen. alphabet 'o' is missing.
    There is no question of coming across many related words and there is nothing to find and explain. Sorry.

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    Henotheism is the attachment to one God without denying the existence of other God. It is very common in Hinduism.
    Kathenotheism also has the same meaning.
    I found some related words like monotheism ( worship single god), polytheism( worship many gods same time).

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    The new world Henotheism and Kathenotheism seems to be new for every member here and thanks for author and also Deepali for clarifying the meaning of the same.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I was not aware about this word but in internet dictionary its meaning is provided as - adherence to one particular god out of several, especially by a family, tribe, or other group.

    From this I think that it might be applicable in a situation where in a society different people believe in different Gods. In a single tribe society it might not be possible but in a city or cosmopolitan living we can find such things happening commonly where people have this type of differentiation. Even within a religion if there are many Gods one can have more devotion to one of them. For example within the Hindu religion, some people worship Lord Vishnu while some worship Lord Shiva. I feel this word 'henotheism' might be used in such conditions also. What do the other members feel about this?

    Knowledge is power.

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    @SuN,@ Chandan Kumar Yadav- I did not refer any physical dictionary. I referred only the online references as I admitted in the thread.
    @ Dr Deepali: Thanks for mentoning the word 'Kathenotheism'. It is new to me. That is why I said members may come across some more words when they go referring. I learned that the word is coined by MaxMueller. The word has almost similar meaning as Henotheism.
    When I Googled for 'kathenotheism vs henotheism' I got the result as follows:
    "Henotheism is a hypernym of kathenotheism. Kathenotheism is a derived term of henotheism.
    As nouns the difference between kathenotheism and henotheism is that kathenotheism is belief that multiple deities exist, and different deities are supreme among them at different times while henotheism is belief in or worship of one deity without denying the existence of other deities." Unquote

    @ Umesh: You have added more to the thread matter. Yes, when I referred first, I found such kind of explanations. and it was esy for me to understand. as we practice monotheism and Henotheism at the same time.
    @ Mohan: Thanks that the thread has helped to know new words.

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    Referring further inthe net, I found the folllowing:
    "Müller stated that henotheism means "monotheism in principle and polytheism in fact". ... Henotheism is similar but less exclusive than monolatry because a monolator worships only one god, while the henotheist may worship any within the pantheon, depending on circumstances."

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