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    Loneliness can be a positive choice

    Loneliness is often linked with boredom. But, changing the angle of perception, it can have positive effects and consequences if we choose to ignore the negative impact.
    Here is brief monologue related to my own personal life and I would like to share with you all people.

    I am suffering from social anxiety since childhood. I don't exactly remember since when I begin to undergo this phase of loneliness. I find myself alone more often than I actually expect to find myself. It feels all of a sudden that the whole world is tearing apart and people are distancing away from me in front of my eyes with each passing second. I get attached with people if the other person just shows a little care. Even though I act like, I really don't care even if the other person is trying hard to impress me by his/her expressions but deep down I really get pissed off and tears start falling no matter how hard I try to stop them. It becomes difficult to suppress your emotions if we pressurise more on suppression of emotions. It's alright to feel lonely, sad, depressed, blank, emotionless and frustrated. We are all not perfect. In fact, no one is perfect. Life is all about creating and building things up. Each and everyone one of us has got an solid opportunity to create something unique.
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    Yes I do vouch for the feelings of the author that loneliness should not be taken as a setback instead it must be utilized for more purposeful way much to the astonishment of those who were avoiding to meet and they must repent for having done the mistake. Some people have the compulsion of being lonely on health reasons, not looking good, or having the fear of conversation with others and even shyness to mingle with others. I had a friend who was Dy manager in a cement company and he was so fat that he could not go out and made his home as the office and used to operate from the bed. He was not visited by relatives, friends, nor the office members but the company appreciated his services from home and continued the job. What I mean to stress here that some people made the mind to stay at home and be lonely to tackle the challenges in life.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sometimes loneliness will give us the advantage to know us better and that will make us find out the ways and means to overcome the shortcomings we have. That will give us a scope to develop more and we will be more successful in our lives. But always being alone is also a very difficult proposition. Sometimes we require another person to take care of our feelings and emotions. That is why people always say that we should have at least four people with us who will take care of our bodies after our death. So we should have both loneliness sometimes when needed as well as some people around when we require it.
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    Loneliness is a source of boredom for some people who cannot concentrate in their work and want to be with the fellow human beings every time. Gregarious persons would not like loneliness. Actually loneliness is a time to concentrate and focus in one's work. It is the time of introspection and self search for oneself. Loneliness teaches us many things. It is a hidden Guru in our lives. One can achieve the heights of learning and new dimensions of knowledge acquisition when one is alone. In the company we simply waste time and energy in unnecessary chats and talks. Let us embrace lowliness in a positive way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Loneliness proves to be boons for the scholars, professors, scientists and even to the surgeons contemplating the initiatives to be taken up during the process of surgery.
    Hence loneliness provides us the opportunities to refresh our knowledge and the same is to be utilised while teaching the students of the different subjects. Hence for the professors of the different subjects, it is a phase where he can enhance his knowledge.
    In case of depressed people, loneliness may aggravate their disease and to combat the same, they should be encouraged to have talks with the people. If one is determined to enhance knowledge in any area, it would certainly prove to boon.

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    Keep yourself engaged, you can write in forum or you can write articles. If you have any hobby like painting, reading novels or listening to music. You have make a timetable for each week adding new things as change will giva you a chance for improving yourself from your present situations.
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    I presume that you are an introvert person. Just a wild presumption, correct me if I am wrong. Coming to the content, you have pointed it out very well about your difficulties and insecurities of life open heartdly. Maybe sometime we are not able to open up in front of closed ones so we we can offcourse do it with our virtual friends and collegues. Just let me know if you could relate with below points:
    1) Most of the time you feel like that no one gets hurt around you because of you?
    2) You take extra care about other people than you do for yourself?
    3) You priortize others work over yours?
    4) Do you procastinate and overthink a lot?
    5) If you are being hurt by someone intentionally or unintentionally, do you find that from now onwards you are going to be emotion less with all the other people around?

    Well if the answer is yes to two or more than two question above then probably you need to self-retrospect. You need to take more care of yourself and nurture your skills. I had some similar attribute earlier. I have done a lot of practice to introspect and brought a change in my life. Life looks more easy if you take care of youself first. Also you can't give hapiness to other if you yourself is not well in any way.

    Vikas Srivastava
    "Rise and Shine"-Each day and night.

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    Loneliness is not a bad thing if it does not torture a person. There is nothing wrong if a person can remain happy in isolation. Many people are like that though people call them as introvert. So, it is the mindset that is important and not the condition.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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