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    The currency value in Global market can reveal whether the country is developed or not?!

    We know in this world there are so many currencies each currency has a different value. As we see in general the more the currency value in the global market against the Indian rupee and it denotes a developed country. For example, the United States of America which has currency value 70+ against the Indian rupee and similar to pound and sterling too. Except for a few countries like Japan and South Korea this theory holds good for all the countries. Do you agree with me? The currency value in the Global market can reveal whether the country is developed or not?
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    The currency value alone cannot be the only parameter to judge whether the country is developed or not. The GDP, the purchasing power of the people and gold reserve and above all the surplus agricultural and Industrial production would decide whether the country is developed or not. But the share market is always gauging the development criteria with that of currency value. Given the present condition the global economy has gone for the beating and it would take some months to restore the old glory. Now their aim of every country is to restore the lock down and bring back normal life to sustain without any panic or stop of the work again.
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    There are many parameters which will decide the development of the country. The currency exchange value may be one of those criteria. The exports from the country to other countries and the foreign exchange earned by these exports is another parameter which tells us about the development of the country. The gold reserves in the country is another parameter. Per capita income is another indicator of development. Wealth creation in the country is also an important point for this. The percentage of people with average income will also an indication of the same.
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    Though the currency value in the global market is one of the parameters indicating the strength of the economy, we should take into other vital parameters such as Health of the people, per capita income, provision of better infra structure within the country.
    A well developed country would provide the scope of their citizens to undertake medical treatment independently for their disease without the help of the government. The unemployment status of the country is bare minimum. Import of the items has be curtailed and need to create environment where imports are kept under control. Connectivity of the roads and railways are to be improved upon.

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    Currency value is a very important parameter and depends on the business and economic developments of a country. If we are exporting more than imports our currency would go up. If we are independent in our agricultural production and manufacturing activities, our currency would go up. If our military might and international relations are good our currency should look up. So, there are many factors that make a value of the currency in the international market in comparison to the top currencies like Dollar, Pound or Euro. If US develops faster than us our currency would go down. The final exchange rate depends on all these factors.
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    Conventionally the economic level difference between two countries are mapped in terms of the relations between the currencies of two countries. It was the powerful economy of US that always put the dollar ahead of others. It is definitely related to the development also.
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