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    Why is the Government not insisting the product owners write the condition apply in bold letters?

    As we see if there is an offer on any purchased product(like household, electronic, electrical, tyre's or anything) or a Product which is released in the market will be advertised first as the customers will go without seeing the conditions apply in the advertisement as the innocently he will buy the product or know the fact of that when he reaches to the particular store. Why is the Government not insisting the product owners write the condition apply in bold letters when they advertise the product? Why the Government is not taking stringent action against not writing the conditions apply in a readable format?
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    True. Many products will write the important conditions in small letters in a corner on the product or on the packing of the product. But they will never show these conditions during the advertisement for the product or while advertising others to use it. Many times we will purchase the product and after purchasing we will see some conditions and when we want to return the product there will be a condition once sold item can't be taken bank in small letters in one corner and we can't do anything.
    There should be a law that is very strong and it should be implemented in its true spirits by all the manufacturers and sellers. Then the customers will understand the conditions fully before purchasing and once they are satisfied only they will purchase the items. All the customers will be happy.

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    This is the marketing strategy of companies that want to have the customer and at the same time do not want to reveal the riders on the sales, therefore, fooling the public in one way or the other. Invariably I have seen that whenever festive season comes lots of prizes are announced and even lucky draw would be promised with costly prizes to be won. But never we have seen such prizes gone to the eligible customers and thereby making a mockery of the festive season. The same way the terms and conditions should be written boldly so that customers should have options to decide, but customers have not time to verify all these tricks and they simply go for the purchases on seeing some discount at the cash counter and pay the money happily. Actually no business would run on the loss they fool the customer that clearance sale on cost to cost basis is made.
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    Yes, very correct. Govt should take stringent actions against this and insist for writing the condition in the bold letters. This happened with the cigarettes also when the companies were writing the cautions in small letters and then people complained and then Govt asked them to write it in big letters. Now they are writing it in bold letters. So some strictness is required from the Govt side that is from the departments who take care of these things. Once the order is given to do so the companies have to comply to avoid penalties and fines imposed on them due to non adherence.
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    This is actually required very much and Govt has to take a strict decision and regulation on such matters. Businessmen would always play around the rules and take every opportunity to showcase their product as good in all respect.
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    Let's look at it from a different angle. In advertisements, the concentration is more on the description and utilities of the products and hence they are given in bold fonts. The terms and conditions of many products (this is not limited to consumables) are such that you will think twice before purchasing the product. So, it is the tactic of the companies to highlight the advantages (utilities) of the products rather than boldly declaring the terms and conditions which have some bindings and also jurisdictions. As a responsible consumer one must be aware of the terms and conditions before purchasing a valuable product and if any clarification is required I think the company/reseller can always help.

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