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    Ask for responsibilities. Not rights.

    We see many times people asking for their rights. They will be always asking for the privileges they can get from the Nation. But they never think as a citizen of this nation what they can give to the country. What are their responsibilities they never ask?

    Dasarath wants Rama to be the king of Kosala Rajya. Rama asked his father that there is no urgency. Meanwhile, things happened in a different way and Lord Rama has to go to the forest for 14 years, He happily accepted for the same and never questioned why he should go and he has every right to be the king of that kingdom. He has given more importance to his responsibility of honoring the words of his father.

    All should take him as a role model and should be responsible for discharging their duties which are demanded as per the situation and time.
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    Very thoughtful idea. Everyone asks for rights. Increase our salary. Increase our facilities. Increase our pensions. But when it comes the time to work then they would escape the duty and avoid the responsibilities. This trend has to be reversed. People give example of Japan. The Japanese are very laborious, punctual and believe in no mistake. Their working is based on six sigma. Let us not give examples from Japan and try to develop our systems in such a way that all of us learn to take up responsibilities. I hope with continuous efforts we can achieve that.
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    Every individual who are helping people during difficult situations are the real heros of life. To reap better benefits, the struggle also has to be better.
    We are all like the warriors, our soldiers who are at the border standing still even under adverse situations. Patriotism comes by voluntary actions as the decisions are taken in just fraction of minutes.
    Rights will fall in line, if our responaibilites are completed in full fledge without any distractions.

    Lead the leader

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    Everybody has some responsibilities and fulfilling them should be the primary concern. Nobody is going to do the job on behalf of another unless it is asked for and then also it depends whether the other person is willing to shoulder the responsibility. The problem with a lot of people is they are concerned only of themselves and forget they have a responsibility towards others. Making too much noise in a public place to prove your point means you are only concerned about how right your argument is without thinking how the noise is disturbing others. One must be aware of her/his rights too and when required one may ask for clarification without forgetting responsibilities. Shrugging off our responsibilities have become a habit which is causing a lot of problems. For example, in any work, if two government departments are involved one will always try to blame on the other if there is a delay in completing it. It is like everybody's responsibility is nobody's responsibility. It's our responsibility to keep our surroundings clean, but if you point out to someone that you have thrown something here without caring for others the person will promptly give an example by saying another person has also done something similar the other day so you must get hold on to that person first. This is what is happening in reality and we all are responsible for it.

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    This is the privilege everyone wants to avail and enjoy and if they happen to be VIP or celebrities they seek more rights than the responsibilities Even the ordinary citizens look for their connections in high places and want to get away from the law when punishment is sure for the violation of rules. That is the reason being so our PM Modi has bee rightly involving the sportspersons, actors and other important people of India to feel the responsibility and their commitment towards the society. These people earned from the people and their patronage and therefore there is a need for them to give back some in return. In fact, everyone who benefits from the society or people are duty-bound to help the country when it is distress, therefore those who are donating huge or showing their concern have the committment towards the society even for the future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Every one is aware of one's right. Even a layman knows what he would be getting from the Govt. A poor man knows the list of items that he would be getting from the ration shop. Unfortunately when it comes to the responsibilities few of them rise to the occasion.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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