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    Strange ways of movements of time

    Time is a very intriguing entity. It is always falling short when you need it and stretches much when you do not need it. When you go to Railway station to catch a train even a single minute matters. But when the same train is late every minute becomes like an hour. This feeling of time is so relative that it becomes difficult to manage it as we perceive it differently while it behaves entirely in a strange and deceptive manner. I am getting some calls from my friends and relatives who are asking me as how I am passing my time in this dreadful situation and if there is any way to pass it in a better way and surely they would also like to know that. So, everyone is feeling the stretching of time in this situation and that is the greatest challenge to mange it effectively. What are your perceptions regarding this? Please share your views.
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    Time will be running always at its own speed only. It will maintain a constant speed. In this entire universe time is the only aspect which will not change its speed even a little also.
    Our mindset only makes us feel a difference which is not there actually. When you are waiting for your friend or when your friend is waiting, five minutes will be five minutes only. But when you are waiting for your friend your 5 minutes appear very long. But when he is waiting it will be very less for you.
    When we expect our son to come at 9 PM, we start looking for him from 9 PM and we feel every minute is taking more time. This is mainly due to your time set only.
    When you are writing an examination you will be busy in writing the answers and you will never have any time to think about the time. By the time you finish your writing, you feel that time moved very fast.

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    I make so many plans for the next day but most of them do not work at all. It is very difficult to analyse how the day passed. One day is full of hard work and another is almost a dreadful day without any work.
    Time management is better in offices as we all are paid for it but at home it is very difficult as there is no monetary benefits.
    When we are ready to complete one task the unexpected work elaborates our time and keeps us busy landing up in different situations.

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    Time always runs in that strange fashion. We must understand its importance in our lives. I feel we should respect the time and adhere to the schedules in a disciplined way. If we respect time it would make our life easier.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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