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    Observation on a developing unacceptable trend.

    Of late, a new trend has been observed with an uneasy feeling. I prefer to call it unethical. My point for discussion is the attempt by some members to overshadow some decisions by the editors by repeating their posts that were either deleted or had been shifted to pending status. Let me get into some details with a rider that we are not here to discuss the deleted or pending posts or their status.

    Some members appear to have made it a practice to repost their threads or responses against which some action was initiated without making any changes in the content. I personally feel that such acts taste bad and are therefore unacceptable. An editor corrects, deletes or shifts a thread based on certain criteria and as per guidelines provided to them. So, taking a deviation and repeating such contents either as threads or responses does appear to be a challenge to the laid down rules and policies. The question whether such repeated posts are allowed or disallowed to stay is a different issue but the attempt cannot be encouraged due to many reasons.

    Therefore, members are kindly requested to refrain from resorting to such unhealthy practices for our own good and in the interests of the site.
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    I agree with the author. When a post was deleted or sent to pending threads, there is no point in trying to post the same information again and again like old wine in a new bottle. Personally, I feel your point of view may be correct. But you are not the person to decide. There are people who will decide and we have to accept their decision as correct. Sometimes we can question their action and make our point of view noted by many. But posting the same content, again and again, is a waste of time for the author also.
    Even we are of the opinion that we are correct, it is better to express this in a new thread is the best course of action and we should leave it there. Unnecessarily extending it and making an issue is of no use. It is my personal opinion and if some members feel it is not the correct approach I request them to ignore this post and excuse me.

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    Mr Saji,
    I hope you are talking about my thread raised against my thread lying in the pending section. Yes. I raised a thread repeatedly. Why because the concerning editor posted a response without a proper explanation as to why a thread is lying in the pending section over 60 days. Finally, I could get the issue clarified by our Managing Editor.

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    It may please be noted that this is a general observation and no member need to take it personally.
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    Sometimes the members feel that what they are raising is an issue to be made known to other members and need their interaction. And if that post gets deleted without even giving reason for the deletion, the member gets more perturbed. No one going to waste the time in raising the threads, and that need to be understood. Instead of deleting the thread, the editor can request the author to rewrite or change the heading so that the post need not die or deleted. Such kind of interaction from the editors are missing and sometimes the authors are shying away to contribute further. The ISC should also know that if a thread is deleted it is an insult for the member who raised. Instead the particular thread can be altered even by the editor and give a feeling to the members taken care of instead of having face offs with the members. I hope this new suggestion would pave way for cordial relation between we and the ISC.
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    I have a small observation in this regard that the benefit of the site on the whole is to be given consideration by the members rather fighting for a few posts. Many members are posting 300 to 400 posts in a year. How does it matter if a few of the duplicate ones are deleted by the editor. It is in fact helping the site to remove redundancy. Please note that redundancy reduces the traffic to a site and those who would be harmed are the owner of the site and the members who are sharing the profit. Is it not our responsibility as a member to help the site in this small way? We may have differences among us but they can be sorted out in a different way rather than messing with the site. I have no affinity or enmity with any member or editor but let us all work for the development or the progress of the site rather discussing endlessly on some trivial issues. Remember members are working under the control of the editors and administrators of the site. What is wrong in that? It is the system we have opted ourselves while joining the site.
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    Umesh who is posting the duplicate threads here, they are being viewed as such by the editors. If the thread is read from the members contest, every thread has the meaning and has the reason for seeking discussion. But without ascertaining the depth of the thread, just because the ISC rules said that one should not discuss the same topic but what was happening in real life need to be discussed. And this forum has been designed to discuss and not just inform. By restricting members not to share any thing on a particular topic and hoisting all the responses in one thread I feel no one would have gone through all the threads that formed a bunch. The idea of this forum has defeated and that is time and again stressed here. If members bring up the thread, it need to be asked before deleting it, otherwise it becomes one sided affair and ISC may be loosing regulars too.
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    In my #694003, I clearly pointed out the mistake of an editor who failed to convince an author member and the reason for the repetition of the same thread. But it has been deleted to the advantage of that concerned editor. If this is repeated again and again, how can ISC members tolerate the Editors of this ISC? Such an action by the Editors would help ISC lose its regular members who are sincerely contributing their best to ISC with dedication, devotion and determination.

    If Your #694027 was only observation for general information and not an invitation for responses and reactions, it should have been locked and left for the members to read only.

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    Every thread is important from the member's perspective. At the same time I have observed that editors are deleting many similar threads on the ground of repetition and duplication. Since beginning I am taking this care as not to submit a duplicate thread as far as possible by going through the existing thread. In my case I am hardly posting 3-4 posts a month and so far none of my post is deleted, removed or modified. So I do not have any feeling on this account so far. Somehow I do not like to post a thread which is similar to another one in content and approach.
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    When the Covid-19 threat started in India, suddenly everyone was aware and afraid of it and then suddenly there were so many threads related to that and editors had to create a thread to accommodate the feelings of members in that particular thread only. Still people did not abide by the forum policies and there were so many threads coming up on that subject and then editors clearly told that all the new threads related to Covid-19 would then be deleted except a few which are touching some new dimension as per the knowledge and prudence of the editors. I have no favour for editors or members but editors are given some privilege of deciding certain things in such disorderly situations and I feel that as the valuable members of this site we also have a responsibility to cooperate with them. Why to make it an unnecessary ego point. That would lead us to nowhere. Let us concentrate for other creative things here. In last 3 years I have posted about 580 forum posts and none of them was deleted or objected by the editors. Even if there was one or two which were removed or objected, I do not remember them. Let us forget the past posts and compose the new one on new subjects.
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    I was not interested in commenting on this thread because the editors would think that I want some contradiction. Well, before I give my opinion related to the thread, let me make it very clear that I am not interested in starting any debate.

    Umesh Sir, The editors and the members both must have a cordial relationship. So, there is no question of ego, but the problem is when the members raise any doubt, then it is not justifiably answered. One thing the editors must note that whoever the member is, is not illiterate. When the editors decide to justify themselves correct despite some discrepancies, then it hurts. Unless the members are breaking any rule of the site or making any illegitimate comments, then the editorial board must treat the matured members with due respect by giving convincing replies. They must address every doubt specifically. If members do not get a clarification of their doubts, then they might lose interest in the site itself. Thus, I would request all the editors to handle the members with care and due respect.


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    Indeed, an excellent explanation from Shampa Sathiya. I support her views. Yes. The senior members should be respected by the editors, especially the Platinum and Diamond members who have contributed their best to ISC. They need to be consulted before any action to lock or delete or alter the text.
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    My original comment had been cut short according to the convenience. I want the ME Vandana to look into the matter. It is a disgusting experience on this site. Everyone can make a mistake, but when it's pointed out, then people should try to rectify it. Here the honest voice is getting suppressed.

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    If the editor is not interested in members putting their problem against the editor's observation, the editor should lock this thread and rest without looking for any response from the members. Else he should be ready to accept the members' response and answer accordingly. It is imprudent to edit and cut a member's response to the advantage of editors.
    My response at # 694069 also expresses the same.

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    One thing which I want to say at this fag end of the discussions is that why we should give a chance to the learned editor to edit our post. Why we should not be prudent enough to check and edit it at our end so that such situation does not arise. No editor would be pleased to edit a post unnecessarily until unless there is some problem in it from the angle of site policies and other considerations. For example I have no intentions of boasting or sing my songs but in last 3 years I have posted 6600 forum responses but not a single response was edited or rejected or objected or condemned. Why we should give any such chance of editing or deleting our views by the editors and administrators of the site. What we would gain by that?
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    Editors are also human beings. To err is human. All the Editors of ISC are not perfect as Editors. There are some Editors who need to improve themselves in editing duties. As an author, we are trying our best to contribute. We struggle a lot to think and write and submit to ISC. Without any thinking, the editors try to destroy it. How the members would feel?
    Further, the ISC management supports their action. Because they do not want to lose their editors. They can lose a member but not the editors. This is somewhat an injustice to a member, I would strongly say.

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    Yo! It's sizzling hot outside, the you-know-what is scaring everyone, we're all locked up indoors, and out here there seems to be crackling tension, not to mention quite a few frayed tempers for the last few days. Oh dear...let's stay calm, shall we?

    Since Shampa has raised a separate thread addressed to me, we will close this thread.

    Shampa - your thread has been shifted to pending temporarily. Please wait. I have come online just now, but I am busy with something else. However, I promise to open that thread, and address your concerns and we'll work on it amicably.

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