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    Why not give Ayurveda a big chance now?

    The Kerala Chief Minister, Mr Pinarayi Vijayan, is now on record of having said that Ayurveda and Homeopathic systems will also be part of the State's action plan against COVID-19. This would basically be in the fields of prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation.

    One should note that in Kerala, Ayurveda is as famous as Allopathy. The former Prime Minister, Mr Vajpayee had himself undergone treatment at the Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala. The Coimbatore-headquartered Arya Vaidya Pharma director was also seen presenting his case to the PM. But nothing has happened since then.

    Why not give the traditional form of Ayurveda a chance? In fact, the Coimbatore hospital is said to be having one of the best treatments for even glaucoma, a deadly deficiency that leads to blindness. Allopathic medicines only control glaucoma but Arya Vaidya Pharma can cure the patient totally. This has been reported by many cured patients.

    In this hour of crisis, we should give the Kerala model a serious try. Let us not waste time now.

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    The same Kerala government did not give importance to the AYUSH mantralaya notifications initially. They simply ignored it. The general 'vocal' opinion in social media etc at that time was the central government is propagating 'unscientific' methods.
    But when the so-called 'scientific' methods also did not have or promised any sure-fire method, I think practically they used all available options and alternatives.
    Even now they did not elaborate nor did give much credit.
    But our PM consulted every expert and experienced practitioners in this regard and got their opinion.
    Slowly it was 'dawning' on all that our ancient texts and traditions can be a relief in this situation.
    The Ayurvedic experts gave their considered opinion that developing immunity was the first preference as treatment and cure will take time. But they also suggested the medicines for treating also. Experts had quoted the relevant portions from our Vedic texts which had clearly mentioned how virus diseases are propagated and so how to avoid the infection - like touch, proximity, sharing bed and food, etc.

    Post the Corona situation, I think the AYUSH subjects will get proper attention and support.

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    Though Indian people have the choice to chose which ever kind of medicine they want like Alopathy, Homeo or Ayurvedic, but there must be consistency of recovering and good results to convince the people to go for the alternate medicines. As on today the elders have immense belief in the homeo and ayurvedic medicines but the younger generation wont believe in these and go for the doctored prescribed English medicines. It has been proved in many ailments the house hold remedies also proves to be beneficial like the Kashayam we used to prepare by adding all the herbal ingredients which not only keep the soar throat away and also good for health digestion wise. All these things are known to people but they do not want to risk the life with alternate medicines when they are sure of recovering through regular medicines.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Venkiteswaran Sir, it was not only the CM's bold decision to use Ayurveda. One also understands that the CM's handling of the poor and the migrant labor is simply superb. He had already announced a massive package of 20,000 crore rupees and the medical facilities are reported to be world-class. The people of Kerala are too good at teamwork. It should also be noted that Kerala has exported hundreds of thousands of nurses.

    We should now stop talking about the horrible Gujarat model that is the worst model of development and instead talk about the Kerala model of the highest rate of literacy, the lowest birth rate, balanced development, and superb importance and support are given to tourism. One also understands that Ms. Gita Gopinath, now the Chief Economist at IMF was appointed as the advisor to CM for a few years. Possibly she would have guided the CM quite well. The CM of Kerala now stands the tallest among all Indians. Kerala is the State to be in now. No doubt it is called "God's own country".

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    The system of Aurveda believes in the Prakriti - dosha such as Vat, Pitta and Cough with which a patient is guided. Hence for the same disease, administration of Ayrvedic - medicine would differ from patient to patient. Though efficacy of the system would not be felt immediately, it may take in some cases a prolonged period. But then this system would provide indication that the medicines and foods provided by the Vaidya is working.
    Unlike the allopathy system, Vaidyas adopt holistic approach to combat the disorder producing least side effects of the medicines administered. The effect of such a system is permanent in respect of healing.
    Similarly, in homeopathic system, the chosen medicine can alleviate the disorder if the concerned doctor takes a detailed case history of the patient prior to selection of medicines.
    The higher potency of the medicine sometimes works instantaneously surprising the patients of this system. While looking at the cost angle. It can suit even to the pockets of extremely poor people.
    So there should not be rigidity while choosing any one of such systems. We should go in the system which has provided the proven result in a particular disease and accordingly, such system is to be followed.

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    Surely Ayurvedic research for this Virus should be welcomed. But not at this stage. If any AYurvedic doctor can come forward and treat a person having Corona and cures him people will definitely turn towards him. Ayurveda is a medicine that cures at the roots. If you are having a fever, Paracetamol will bring down the temperature but after 6 hours again you will have a temperature. But Ayurveda works on the root cause. So it will take some time but cures permanently. So now Ayurvedic doctors can do some research and find a drug for the cure, a drug for prevention, it will be useful in the coming times. The governments should encourage such doctors who have an interest in doing some research in the field should be encouraged by giving some grants and see that they will deliver the goods. Ayurveda is one type of method which gives you a permanent cure from a certain disease. But we are not finding good scientists who are ready to work in this field,
    always confident

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    It is definitely a good idea that we should give a chance to the Ayurvedic methods and if it is successful then the whole world would adopt it and not only Ayurveda would flourish but the whole humanity would be benefited. Now there are some interesting things to be considered in going for this doctrine. Whenever a medication system is evolved it is based on the result of it used in the cure of the people and its established statistics. So any method which is developed whether it is Ayurvedic or Homeopathic or Unani or Naturopathy is to be based on the solid data. Unfortunately that type of data is not available as that type of testing and research has not been done. The question is who would do that research and establish it. The answer is in many Ayurvedic drug companies enough research was done but no conclusive result is there. There are many researchers who are busy in these things but so far nothing is there. Govt of India has already given enough thrust but so far no concrete cure mechanism is there in these alternative therapies. Govt has already adopted Ayurveda in form of Ayush but what is the result in case of serious ailment?

    Even in some foreign countries people have tried all sort of medicines for cure of cancer but nothing has happened. So if anyone on Earth can give a medicine (Ayurvedic or Homeopathic or Unani or Allopathic or any other) for this virus or say cancer like ailment then immediately he would be given nobel prize. The effectiveness of the Ayurvedic medicines can be only ascertained if a large number of patients are treated with it and then there is significant difference in the data between cured by Allopathic methods and cured by Ayurvedic. Till that time we have to be satisfied with the increased immune system by taking the natural remedies as prescribed in Ayuveda. Every one should please note that a drug or vaccine is to be said effective when death rate is arrested below 0.0001 %. Which simply means that if 10000 people are cured by it or given that vaccine then only 1 may die. Do not include in this those who are dying during the treatment due to other reasons like accidents, negligence or suicides.

    If Ayurveda is having that type of effectiveness let us go for it in a big way. Who is stopping us and who is stopping the Govt and who is stopping our medical research institutions?

    Knowledge is power.

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    My difference of opinion was only about the point of claiming about Ayurveda.
    Otherwise I totally admire and support the measures taken by Kerala government. They have good experience post Nipah virus issue. That they very properly used and used on time. Kerala was also the first State to have an index case- a student who returned from China with Covid. So the State started well early on the fight against Covid.

    A large section of people use Ayurveda for their personal treatment. There are Ayurvedic hospitals under State government. But still there was a propaganda agasinst AYUSH ministry and Ayurveda from certain quarters widely in social media with the tacit support of the government. That is what I wanted to stress.

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    Ayurveda has its immense value always. Only those experienced in the treatment of Ayurveda can understand this. As Ayurveda has a wide treatment methods for almost all diseases and setbacks, they, the doctors of Ayurveda do their treatment from the basic reason for the disease and the cure will be total.
    There is a saying 'No need of advertisement for a flower shop' like this no need to give chance to Ayurveda instead we have to have a chance to avail the facilities in Ayurveda.

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    Alternative medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and others are more preventive in their nature. They are like good habits in our lives. One should adopt them for a good life style and it is imperative that a person having good life style and taking natural supplements would have a greater immune power and resistance and his chances of recovering from the infection of corona virus or other deadly diseases would be better as compared to a person who has a disintegrated lifestyle and is consuming junk foods and not taking the natural things like Basil, Black Pepper, Ginger, Garlic, Honey, Milk, other misc herbs. So far so good but when it comes to the curing the ailment then the effectiveness of these alternative medicines is not established and that is the reason why we are exporting Chloroquine (unfortunately effectiveness of which is also not ascertained) to other countries and not the herbal preparations. So, as far as the curing of the seriously diseased persons is considered with these home remedies, I keep my fingers crossed.
    Knowledge is power.

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