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    World Earth Day on 22nd, April.

    We are celebrating World Earth Day Today. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
    The day continues to hold great significance. Nature is threatened by habitat loss, global warming, toxic pollution etc. We exploited the nature and it's resources.Our activities harmed the nature very much.We are the cause of depleting stores of natural resources., excessive use of energy by us harm animals and ecosystem.The risks faced by us ignoring the threats of environmental destruction, Now it is the time to work together and address the measures to protect nature, some policies are required to save the earth.It is the need of time consume less and conserve more.
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    We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 'Earth Day" of our planet Earth and also the 'Bee", one of the smallest insects. The bees are responsible for two-thirds of our crops because of pollination by them. 85% of flower plants are also because of the pollination by the bees. They produce honey which we use for many purposes. We have to realize the importance of nature of the earth on which we live and do not spoil it.
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    All negatives are said to have some positive effects too. The 50th anniversary of the World Earth Day can, in a way, be said to be set on a positive note if we take it in that sense. With the human population across the world busy in fighting the deadly Coronavirus, Mother Earth must, no doubt, be feeling relieved. The pollution levels have come down and the weather and climatic conditions are said to be in for a better chance. We are able to breathe in a purer air, drink better water and to have better visibility across boundaries. May this lockdown period be a lesson to all of us and let us pledge to preserve nature and save our habitat and her resources for the future. Hope that commemorating such days will enlighten us and remind us of the dangers we are facing. Save Earth, Save Nature, Save Life!
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    When I was going through a bus I read a quote on Earth "Earth Provides enough to satisfy our man's needs but not deeds" Earth is called in Sanskrit "Kshmaya Dharitri" Earth has lot of patience...
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    Environmental awareness is an essential element in our lives and World Earth Day brings this opportunity to us to talk and discuss this aspect among us. It is true that in pursuit of modernisation and scientific development we have ignored the mother Earth much. We have not taken the care of our environment and surroundings in the way which would have been beneficial to our habitat and could protect our long time interests. It is still not too late and let us all take oath on this day to cooperate in the environment friendly measures taken by the like minded individuals.
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    Everyone on this earth is committed to this day as we are alone responsible for the good and bad of the earth as knowingly well the people ignore warnings from the nature and yet we create uneasy situation for the earth through which the destruction are going to happen. For example beside the lake or rivers, there are places called catchment areas which are bound to be undaunted by the floods when huge rains occur. By ignoring this some realtors are forcefully encroaching those lands and thus when ever urban flooding occurs the full tank level of the lake or river gets overflow and since there is no passage for the water to get outlet. the areas are submerged and would remain for for many years. Nature has been so kind to us and it is giving us all the benefits but we so cruel to them by going one step ahead of destruction.
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    This year World Earth Day has a speciality. The mother earth has shown its power to the whole world. People who thought that they can do anything they want are made silent. People say the human body will have its own mechanism to heel the problems and maintain normalcy. In the same way, the mother earth is also having its own mechanism to maintain stability on earth. The earth is withstanding the abuse we do always and trying to pull on, thinking that human beings will understand the gravity of mistake and correct themselves. In between, it is showing its anger in then forum cyclone and other natural calamities. But we never amended our ways. Now the earth has made all of us sit at home and we can't do any harm to nature. That is why we hear that pollution is coming down across the world. Let all of us take it as a lesson to us and see that we will not do any activities abusing the earth and protect the environment. I think this is the pledge we all should take on this day.
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    We earth people seriously need awareness of our planet every day and not require a calendar date as a reminder that Earth requires TLC. I loved the Google video doodle that commemorates the day, moving the bumblebee around and creating multiple flowers from some of them and getting information along the way at some stops. It was good fun!
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    The significance of any day cannot be understood only by celebrating it, people must know the importance of such days. People are sensitized on some important days and this sensitization is also a part of celebrating Earth Day. During this period, when almost everything has come to a standstill it's high time to think about how we inflicted injuries to Earth. It's time to think about how ruthlessly we felled trees and filled up the water bodies. People, excepting a few, do not have enough time to think of nature and carry on their usual activities paying fewer regards to the advice of the environmentalists. It's time to sit and think how we all can save Earth at this crucial time. It's for all of us and we have a collective responsibility.

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