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    Effects of COVID-19 on overseas education opportunities

    At one time students rushed to go to another country to study. Now the entire study abroad aspiration seems to be a bleak prospect. How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect opportunities to study abroad? Will there be negative long-term affects?

    In the recent past , it was considered very highly prestigious to go abroad for education. Highly potential brilliant students were always in the attempt to get admission in the best Universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. "Study and Work Abroad" was in boom for almost over five decades. And the craze for education and work VISA never seemed to get less even by a slight percentage. In fact, the agents for arranging the work VISA or student VISA have also became millionaires.

    Now, though, the effects of the corona virus (Covid-19) on the world may turn the scene upside down. USA and many other prominent countries have already announced total closure of VISA for endless time span. What is your opinion about the possibilities of effects on the study abroad concept in the future?
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    Right now the study abroad thing is almost doomed and students are trapped in the different countries and cannot return back to their families. It is a very unfortunate and pathetic situation. The virus has engulfed the whole world in its clutches and for quite some time there is no hope of air travel to revive back. Until unless the drug or vaccine for the virus is invented the life is going to be very constrained and fearful and there does not seem any possibility of study abroad thing for at least the next one or two years. We all are waiting for some miracle to happen and this virus getting extinct by itself due to some mutation or natural process. We have to keep our fingers crossed.
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    What I think that those who have planned higher education at the best universities across the globe have to be back tracked because of fluid situation coning out of COVID19 which has posed challenge to the very existence of mankind and in some countries the situation is so danger that there is no scope for any guarantee of life for tomorrow and this would certainly pose a challenge for all those Universities which are now promoting the online education as they very well know that people would not come to their nation to study in future. The Indians who are already in abroad are longing to return back and they have now decided to do something in India itself which seems to be safe place even today. Therefore what I perceive is the bleak future for the overseas education and as far as US is concerned there are less or no takers in future and that country has stopped issuing immigration orders in future.
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    Coronavirus has changed all the world completely. Presently global village concept is stopped and the place one is staying is his whole world concept is taken birth. So forget about going abroad for education or job for the next 2 or 3 years. The parents will have a fear to send their children abroad either for studies and for a job. They feel it is better to keep their children nearby. At the same time, many countries will also stop issuing Visas for studies or jobs. Already the US President announced that no immigrations till further announcement. Many other countries will follow the suit.
    A way to control this virus is to be found and the whole world should become normal and all activities should start normally. Then only we can think about going to foreign countries. I think for the next 2 or 3 years the people going abroad will be less only and after that only there may be an improvement. We all should see that we will get a proper education here and a good job in our country only till the things become normal.

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    Ignore- Testing for error, please.
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    One thing which I would like to add here is that while exploring the status of education abroad I found one important thing is many students want to go there for studies because they hope that those universities would help them in getting a job there itself and in that hope many of them has taken banks loan also. It is in fact correct that many universities abroad have very good links with the industrial units and good students have a very good chance of getting a job there. Some countries especially Australia and Canada are some good examples of this. Now in the present situation such things are not going to happen and so students would not be thinking much about this prospect in their life. Doing online course from abroad universities also does not make sense as one cannot go there for a job in the present condition. So only those online courses would see a good strength of our students where scope of getting job in India is there.
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    This is really a very adverse situation for the students who were desiring and planning for the overseas education as that was always considered a gateway to a brighter career. Now at the present juncture one has simply to wait for the next opportunity if the pandemic situation improves.
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    It is a similar case within India wherein the students studying in rural villages would wish to go to cities expecting campus interviews and fall prey when the crisis arises related to such health problems. Over a period of time the basic education is very well planned in the rural areas which are amidst nature and exorbitant space availability, limited seats thus rendering qualitative education upto graduation.
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