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    Cover the earth before it covers you!

    Now by the title you might know what I am referring to. I am referring to traveling and Journeys. I used to see a lot of Travelling videos from foreigners who visit different exotic places. Traveling from one place to another place is lots of fun we know their cultures, food, and traditions. As I will see another angle that is what different they are doing from us to lead a daily life. Like if you see an Auto in our country is different in Philipines or Venezuela there they use a modified two-wheeler vehicle as auto. Cover the earth before it covers what do you say. Share the thoughts.
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    One month back I was also thinking that we should travel as much as possible before we get buried. But the situation from the lost one month is different. It has taught me that we should not think of covering the earth if we do that we may get covered by the earth within no time in the present situation. I don't know when this situation will get normal and we can start going out. People say we shouldn't plan for a foreign trip for another two years. Long journeys can't be undertaken immediately. So let is slow down. Be at home and be safe. Let the Coronavirus stop its brutal attitude and get soft. Then we can rethink about travel. Let is not invite any foreigners into our country and let us not get annoyed by going to a foreign country. I think overall there will be a reduction in foreign travel in the coming two or three years. Our people may not get visas go there.
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    There is nothing like travelling places and seeing the different landscapes and people in different habitats. One must avail such opportunities if one is fortunate enough to have them. Nowadays many children get job in outside countries and parents and relatives are getting enough chance to visit there and see places. Today because of the pandemic there is a pause on all these activities but we can hope that after some time when this threat is over (hopefully) we would be continuing our hobby of going out to places for travel and leisure. There is limited time in life and it is the young age when one can tolerate the strains and fatigue of travelling and once old age sets in it becomes a bit difficult to exert in such a way.
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    Travelling around the world is a highly expensive hobby which not only requires chunk of money and time but also natural curiosity of adventure. They want to explore the unseen land, historical nomuments, beautiful sights and interact the people of different culture and language.
    One gentleman of Lucknow who'd flair for travelling had an expedition around the world by bicycle completed his journey in 14 years.

    Perhaps the author is one of them and he wants to travel as many countries as possible.

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    I always think that going places should be the passion for all as we would be knowing many things which are not seen before or heard before. Most of the new places have different food habits, people wear new kind of dresses, the climate would be different and the behaving habits of the people matters. Above all even the public transports look different. For example the local buses which runs in Hyderabad city is different from the Chennai city. And also the decoration of autos also matters. I have seen much superior quality autos are maintained in Chennai with DJ inside to cater to the needs of the passengers. Likewise the tricycle Rikshaws of Nellore and Onglore are different from the ones of twin cities. There are seven seating autos in Delhi which are called scooter and they look differently and cannot be seen in other cities.
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    Looking at the title, I thought that this is about the planting of trees. After going through the content, I understood that this is about traveling to new places while we are alive. Traveling to different places is a good hobby. It widens the horizon of our thinking. Generally, our practice is to go to someplace and see the interesting places there. Many of the tourists do not bother to know the history of the places we visit. It is a very good habit to study about the places which we intend to visit and make a note of it like a printout. After visiting the place, we can write our impressions of the place on the other side of the printout which will be useful for us when we recollect our experience. This is my suggestion to all of the people who go on tours to various interesting places. India is such a vast country with a lot of interesting places to visit. One lifetime may not be sufficient to visit all the places.
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