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    New reward program in ISC - Invite friends to review your campus and earn referral rewards

    Dear all,

    We are introducing a new reward program to get more reviews for colleges/schools and also increase the engagement of members with a primary focus on Academic content.

    Now, you can invite friends, colleagues, classmates and student communities to review the colleges and schools. Every member of ISC will get a unique link for each college/school, which can be sent to others. When anyone clicks on this link and submits a review, that person will become your referral member and also, you will earn 50% of his earnings from that review.

    This is how the process works:

    1. Go to any college detail page. You will see a small banner in the reviews section of the college. Now, look at a link just below this banner image. You will see a unique link for you. Every member will see a different link there and the link includes certain codes to identify which user it represents.

    2. You can send this link to your college friends, college authorities etc, through Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, emails etc.

    3. When anyone clicks on this link, they can submit a review without having to register. They just have to provide their name and email address. We will send a validation code to their email address to validate the email id.

    4. Once they validate the email address, they can submit a review.

    5. When the review is approved, they will earn some cash credits. And, as the person who invited the reviewer through the unique review link, you will earn 505 of his earnings from that review.

    When someone receives your unique review link, they can click on it and submit a review. They don't need to go through the registration process or add you as a referrer. They just need to write the review by clicking on the link and it is that easy.

    Find your unique review links from your favourite colleges and start sending to your friends and student groups. Start earning revenue without any complex process or hard work.

    Please give your feedback and comments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get my unique invite link?
    The link is different for each college/school and for each member. You need to go to the college/school for which you want to invite people to review. Look for the reviews section in the page and below that you will see your unique invite link in this format: This link includes your unique member id and college/school id
    When someone clicks on my invite link and write a revew, how will ISC identify that he is my referral?
    Your invite link includes your unique member Id and based on that, we can identify he is your referral.
    Do the invited people need to register with ISC to submit a review?
    No, they just need to validate their email id. However, we will internally create a user account for them using their email id and they become a member without an explicit registration process. They will be made a referral user for your account.
    How many people I can invite using an invite link?
    There is no limit.
    Can I send my invite link to my college Whatsapp group?
    Yes, you can. Send it to as many people as you want and politely ask them to review your institute in ISC.
    Does the invite link expire?
    No, the invite links never expire.
    When someone write a review, will they earn cash rewards?
    Yes, they will. However, since their user account is created without their registration process, they may not notice that they have earned some money. We will send them an email mentioning that they have earned some money.
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    Is the payout limit for the reviewer same as other members? I fear I am convince someone to write a review, but not continue writing in ISC and reach the payout level. And if they don't reach the payout limit, what's the use of earning it? In fact, they will probably see me as a scammer: they earned money on paper but could never use it. Apologies if I am wrong.

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    Poulami, when you invite someone, yuo should not promote it as "Earn money by reviewing". Instead, you should promote it as "Please review our college in IndiaStudyChannel and support our college to get better reputation".

    The people whom you invite should ideally write reviews to support the college and not to earn money. The earnings come as a hidden reward for them which they may or may not notice.

    However, for each review by your invitees, you will earn some rewards, which is your benefit for inviting a lot of people.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    This is a good idea to attract more traffic to the information about campus and every ISC member would have a unique code to identify that the particular school or college is reviewed by some of his friend or colleague or guest from outside. I want to put the earning thing in a slightly different perspective. Can we say that the reviewer from outside would earn some virtual earning for the review made and the member through whom the reviewer reached here would be entitled to earn the real cc as 50% of that virtual thing. Naturally being a virtual earning for the reviewer it would not be claimed by him. In fact it would not be known to him also as it is only a modality. Do I stand correct in my conclusion?
    Knowledge is power.

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    Understood the point sir. Thank you for the quick response and explanation.

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    Yoru conclusion is not fully right. The earnings received by the reviewer is actual cash credits. The cc is assigned to the user id automatically created for that reviewer. If the reviewer decided to continue contributing in ISC, he will see the cc earned from his review. In most cases, these reviewers may not continue in ISC. They will simply write the review and go away. In such cases, the earnings will not be visible for him.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Tony John:
    I wrote that response yesterday afternoon and today morning when I read it, I found some severe mistake in that and then immediately I edited it accordingly. I was happy that you had not seen it by that time (I assume). In case you had seen it I feel excused for that.

    You have cleared the doubt nicely. I am clear now about that subtle point. Appreciate.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I did not find my alma mater in the Schools section of this website. So, I added my school Tarasundari Balika Vidyabhavan there. Should this post be approved, I shall ask my batchmates to review the same.

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