Schedule of May 2020 reward programs

We are now well into the midst of a sizzling summer and eagerly awaiting a bit of easing of restrictions that were introduced due to the lockdown. Let's stay cool and enjoy some unique reward programs that are offered to members by the admin. and the editorial team. The main ongoing reward program is the one titled Education in your city, in which you can submit tons of brief info on various colleges as per the city. Then there are three recently introduced reward programs: submitting FAQs, contributing to the business directory, and earning through review referrals.

With ISC moving to a niche educational site, contests, too, will focus on academics and related topics. On the rolls are academic interviews, conversational skills, sporting times...and more exciting stuff! So that you don't miss a single one, just keep an eye on this thread and check out the schedule of contests that will get listed right here in due course of time, some of which will have cash prizes, others a few points and cash credits.

May 2020 contest schedule-
1. Academics Quadrathlon contest - event 1: interviews for admissions.

2. Academics Quadrathlon contest - event 2: conversational skills.
-To be announced on 10th May (Sunday).
- Announced: Academic Conversational Skills.

3. Academics Quadrathlon contest Event 3: Campus interviews.

4. Academics Quadrathlon Contest – Event 4: Sporting Times.

5. Topic-based TOW monthly contest - will be announced on 31st May 2020.