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    StudyVillage is looking for volunteers

    Our sister site is looking for volunteers to manage the website. See more details here.
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    I am ready to do this volunteer job. I have also posted the response in the forum thread of study village.
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    I think two volunteers already got by the study village and that is greatness at ISC that there are members who are ready to work for the sister sites and thanks for them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    What is eligibility to become volunteers? I want to apply for this and want to be a active member of both ISC and Study village.

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    In my understanding volunteers should be either some very senior and experienced persons or members who have capabilities of becoming an editor. Anyone who feels that he has that ability is eligible to apply.
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    Study village as has really taken with flying start now as new members and members from this site is also joining there and I have also increased my activities there. In fact a group discussion has been initiated in that site and request the online members of this site to visit our sister site and respond to the discussion. This way the new site become more famous. Even in the beginning the ISC was with limited members and in 2009 we have all started and brought this site to this fame today. So members visit that site and also become the editors if feel the excitement of that site.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Request the webmaster to go through the site and arrange for an editor who can guide us. It can be weekly once at the beginning and can be rearranged over a period of time.
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    As a handful of some ISC members have started some activity there, a senior member or part time editor from ISC would be required to coordinate the activities. This little push might help in bringing the site to a level where we could attract the old members to peep back in their erstwhile favourite place and some new members to join. The existing volunteer members of ISC are already having quite a voluminous work in ISC itself so the thinking about the feasibly of one of them helping StudyVillage (SV) has its own challenges. Meanwhile, I hope that webmaster would find some solution regarding the issue of appointing some senior member as manager cum editor for SV.
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    I want to apply for this job. What is the eligibility to apply for this job?

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    What is the eligibility to be a volunteer in Studyvillage. I have a keen interest to act as a volunteer.
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