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    Academics' Quadrathlon contest - participate in all events and win a bumper prize!

    Some years back we had a series of creative writing events with bumper prizes for the highest-scoring participants. It's time for a similar l-o-n-g series that will surely keep you busy right through May!

    You may know about a Quadrathlon, a sports competition with four different disciplines. Similarly, we are going to have four contests that are focused on academics, the niche towards which ISC is going to evolve in the coming years. Each of these contests will be announced separately and entries have to be submitted as per the instructions given for them. Also, each contest will have individual prizes and points. Points across all four will be tallied at the end and bumper prizes will be given to the highest-scoring participants. However, in order to be eligible for a bumper prize, you must participate in all the four contests.

    The rewards-
    1. For each of the contests, two best entries will get Rs.25 and 25 points.
    2. All non-winning entries in each of the contests will get points as per quality with max. up to 20 and only really good quality entries that have not won a prize will get cc up to 10.
    3. At the end of the Quadrathlon, the points will be tallied and the highest-scoring participant will get the bumper prize of Rs.200/-. There will also be a second bumper prize or Rs.150/- and a third bumper prize of Rs.100/.

    This thread is only to alert members of the Quadrathlon and so will not be open for responses. Queries for each contest can be raised in each individual contest thread.

    The first contest in this Quadrathlon reward program will be announced later today.
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    Since the Quadrathlon has completed its first event, the Tally Board of points has been attached and will be updated after each event. This thread is now being opened only for queries and general clarifications related to the contest. Note that the final decisions of the jury for each event and the overall contest winners will not be open for questioning.
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    Event-1 of the quadrathlon contest was very interesting. I saw the tally board, which reflects that I am far behind the winner. To improve my write-up, I would like to know my weak points on which I have to work. Is it the language or the presentation of the interview at fault? I would work upon it accordingly.

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    I also want to know the feedback on my write up. So that I can improve in coming contests.

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    Where did I go wrong ? how can i build it in future contests. This is a very nice method that we are guaged in the tally board. Suggest us ways to improve and implement.
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    Based on the experience of having conducted many contests over the years, I have realized that it is best not to go too deep into the reasons why somebody's entry was selected as a winning one and another's not. It starts off a back and forth debate, becomes quarrelsome, everyone loses their cool and it ends on a sour note. Thus the sheer joy that I get from conceptualizing and setting up a contest is lost, with a bitter experience left in its trail. The same has been the case with other editors who have organized contests. So that is why I have given general feedback in the thread where the winner of the first event was announced. Please check that out (response #696144). The first point mentioned there is applicable to many of the entries - you need to present the interview in as realistic a situation as possible and not come up with something that is not really possible keeping in mind the course or the class that you have referred to. The third point that I mentioned in the response there is with reference to the invalid entries (also mentioned in response #696246 in that thread) - that we can give you feedback on, namely disregarding the rules (one entry was invalid as it was for a job and not admissions). Also, while we can give some leeway to typos and minor errors in English, overall we do consider whether or not the participant has made the effort to not make too many grammar errors.

    So you are requested to go back to the first contest announcement thread, try and understand what was asked for, then see the general feedback given in the winner's announcement thread, and re-read your own entry. I am sure you will realize what went wrong in your entry. Learn, and for sure, the subsequent contests in the series will be high-scoring ones!

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    Sorry, I realized just now that the Tally Board that I attached has an error - it is showing zero points for Padmini. It should be five points. I seem to have attached the earlier Tally Board doc and forgot to delete it from the folder. I will attach the correct one.
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    Vandana Ma'm,

    I read your feedback #696281. First of all, let me tell you that at times some ugly discussions do take place between the editorial team and the authors, but that can be due to the fault of either side. I believe that the editorial team is like the examiners of any examination board. Students can have some doubt regarding their marks, and a meaningful discussion can sort it out, so should be the case here. It's not about any other person's winning, but it's due to a wrong accusation that leads to some disgraceful discussion.

    By the way, I read your general feedback. To improve, I wanted to know the specific faults in my writing. I always follow the Grammarly tool, so it does not apply in my case. Maybe my questions were not proper or the answers, but as you are not willing to disclose the flaws separately, then it's okay. Thank you for conducting a good contest.


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    An update - Event 3 will be announced after the result of Event 2 so that the Tally Board can be updated and you will get an idea of where you stand before moving on to the next contest in the series.
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    The Tally Board has been updated. 'DNP' = Did not Participate.
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    The events being provided for the contests are interesting and it is evident from the time being taken by the participants to submit their entries.
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    A heads-up: The last event, which is a Sports Quiz, will be announced on Sunday, 24th May 2020. Generally, time-bound quizzes and puzzles are simply put up in the thread of the month's contest schedule but since this is part of a series and not a stand-alone one, I am alerting you to it so that you keep some time aside on Sunday to solve it.
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    I like one thing most about this contest is that it has four parts and one would be eligible for the bumper prize, of course depending upon one's total score, when one attempts in all the four. So, this type of thing brings a discipline and determination in us that we have to be mentally ready and physically active to attend all the events and not miss a single one. I would suggest that this element of sincerity and concern may be kept in consideration when devising new contests in future. I would highly appreciate if they could also be made in this fashion something like 3 or 4 or 5 parts but all are to be attempted for the final prize. This particular one is well conceived and very interesting.
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    As mentioned by Umeshji that we need to have such contest which has a series like Quadrathlon contest of at-least 3-4 back to back contest with point system that would be accumulated for the bumper prize but each contest would have separate prize. We can have contest on every Sunday and valid for 5 days i.e. upto Thursday. This will give time to members to prepare and participate in all the contest and be on track to win the bumper prize. It is also known that organizing such contest is time consuming and tedious but the panel can ask the help of certain members for each contest to prepare the questions and mail it to the organizers so as to make their work easy. This will help the members and the participants to be more active and even learn and contribute more towards the site. I would like to thank the organizing teams and the jury for coming up with such unique concept and contest.
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    There was a curiosity in such contests as one was co-related with other concerned to points and interviews. It was a wonderful experience to knead through the crux of sports contest.
    These contests can be continued to bring active participation in members.

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    The winners of event 3 have been announced just now and the Tally Board will be updated soon. Glad to see the positive feedback of the contest series, but note that it is a little difficult to conduct such contests on a regular monthly basis as it does consume a lot of time.
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    The Tally Board has been updated with the points of Event 3 credited to the participants in their entry-threads.

    A really heart-warming aspect of this Quadrathlon was to see participants who started off poorly determinedly continuing on with the other events, not getting put off with the initial setbacks. Thank you for the spirit of sportsmanship.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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