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    Request to webmaster, editors and knowledgeable members to look into this Google Adsense issue

    From November last year (2019) onwards I am getting some Google Adsense earnings, however little they might be, in my Google Adsense account. Recently I visited Google Adsense and checked my account. I was surprised to see that there were some earnings but there were almost some equivalent deductions also. Is it the normal thing or there is some problem in my account. Has anyone experienced such a thing in their Adsense account? Please give your valuable feedback in this matter.
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    I am attaching the screenshot of my earning and deductions details as seen in Adsense site. Please go through it and advise.
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    I am facing the same problem from several months back. Every month what I am earning in dollars most of it is removed in the form of invalid traffic. In the past I never faced this problem. Whatever I used to earn monthly they use to add to the total amount. Last 15 days or so I am seeing daily I am getting '0' earnings which is never the case before. I used to earn daily at least around 0.5 dollars daily. Is this due to renovation of ISC site or any other reasons for it. I request concern editors to look into our problem. This year in January month I got 19.03 earnings and 9.07 earnings were removed for invalid traffic. In February earnings 9.07 but 6.28 earnings were removed for invalid traffic. In March my earnings 8.85 but 7.18 earnings were removed for invalid traffic. In April my earnings 6.77 but 5.55$ removed for invalid traffic. I am stuck at 99.74$ in this month and it is irritating to see to reach thresh hold level because of removal of earnings.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    The issue has been put up to the Webmaster for clarification. Please wait for a response.

    Is anyone else too facing the same problem?

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    Deductions happen when Google think there were invalid clicks. It may be because they think some of those clicks are either from you or from someone associated with you.

    There is no way we can challenge this action from Google. They is no option to appeal this as well.

    Tony John
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    In my family sometimes my wife and myself are posting our content from our respective mobile phones but sometimes we are using the same common laptop for posting so IP number remains same for us. Does it have any bearing on this.

    Other thing is that I am also going to same page in ISC time and again to submit my first or second or third response to a thread or a query. Would all those subsequent visits would be considered illegal?

    Is there any way we can (from my side) take up this with Google AdSense by writing an email or things like that?

    Webmaster has already made the point clear from his side but I would again request him to share his experience in this regard.

    Please share your views on this please.

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    I have had the same problem for the last three months and Tony Sir had stated the same thing when I had sent a message about this. Not just a little, but a good amount of earnings is simply getting removed from the total earnings on the basis of being invalid and it is very disheartening after all the effort that has gone into the work put in.

    Looking at this thread, it seems all of us who are earning AdSense through ISC is having this problem. So is it specifically something to do with this site or is this happening globally? Are the ad units wrongly placed (such as near an image or a link) that is resulting in click bombing and hence a cause of invalid clicks? I was seriously wondering if it started when ads were introduced in-between our text in the forum threads and responses. We members/visitors may inadvertently be clicking on them when scrolling up and down and if you check them on a mobile phone, they even cover the text so when trying to check out what the text is, we/visitors may be clicking on the ad.

    I can understand a slide in overall earnings due to the lockdown, but this drastic removal of actual earnings from before the lockdown also is a real matter of concern. It was not the case earlier, so I think the Webmasters need to seriously check the placement of ads and if this is not the issue, then somehow communicate our collective concerns to Google.

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    There seems to be whole lots of problems with Google ad-sense and even my account which shows 143 dollars as earning and 100 dollars being the threshold to release payment and my payment details were already with them and even last two days back I sent the reminder to the Google to settle my payment to the last submitted details of the accounts of mine , there is no response. Earlier few months back also I brought the same issue at ISC but not redressed. There must be separate team at ISC to settle issues pertaining to Google and adsense otherwise our earnings are not seen on the hands.
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    K Mohan,

    Your issue is of non-payment which is an entirely different problem from the one raised in this thread. Our problem is removal of earnings from the total overall earnings and whether it is some issue with the site's templates or possible deliberate actions by unknown persons.

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    Your issue is different but what I would suggest is can you please check and review your payments settings once more and save them. Even a small mistake in Bank details or IFSC number or your name might create some mismatch in the execution of payment. I know you are a methodical person and might have seen all those things but there is no harm in checking them once again and save and submit in the Adsense site. The problem is there is no way to communicate to Adsense regarding these things. They ask feedback but do not revert back.

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