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    Learning, unlearning and re-learning

    We all know what is learning. Every one of us is learning from the day we are born. We generally believe that we will be learning and learning only. But there are occasions when we have to un-learn.
    Not all would have undergone the unlearning task or experience. Unlearning is removing from our memory or accumulated knowledge something already learnt. Unlearning may also have to be followed by a new learning or re-learning. This is similar to erasing a particular record or file from a tape or disk or flash drive etc, then we record a new file.

    As not all might have the unlearning experience and the need to unlearn I may narrate an example. of an Indian driver going to US and practicing driving. In India he has learned the Left Hand drive system. He cannot use that in US (or any other country) where it is Right hand drive. So he has to consciously unlearn his Indian driving and re learn the US driving. It may be very difficult and confusing in the initial stages. Unless the unlearning is complete the relearning will not be smooth. There can be confusion and lead to danger.

    Do you have any such unlearning and relearning experience? How did you manage it?
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    We were learning a few rhymes in our school days like twinkle, old mac Donald, humpty. Hope most of us have not forgotten it, isn't it. This was a learning for us at that point of them. We never had special tunes too.

    Now the same rhymes have some replacement in one or two words and the tunes have changed with creativity from the book publishers. This is un-learning, where in we remove the old tunes.

    We learn the same rhymes with addition of different words and new tunes is re-learning. Similar to old songs tuned to a DJ song with high beats.

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    My schooling was from Hindi medium (government primary school) and English was taught from 6th class onwards. I still remember our English teacher who was from a villager his pronunciation of English was quite weird but we were not intelligent enough to know what we were learning from him. He would pronounce Zoo as Joo, Shoot as Soot etc but when we progressed to higher classes we realized what we had learnt from him and unlearning process was extremely difficult

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    Learning, relearning and unlearning. The author tried to explain the difference between these three words. I know to learn and relearning but I never know unlearning. How can we unlearn the issues we learned. we may not use them but we can't remove from them our memory. The person should be able to use the concept he learned wherever he can apply.
    This is a new point for me learning driving in the USA is to be considered as unlearning of Indian driving. Once he comes back to India, he should unlearn the USA driving and bring back his learning of driving which may be nothing but relearning,

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    Respected sir ji
    I will explain your thread on the basis of my psychological knowledge. Firstly if we are learning anything then it stores in our memory. There are to process of memory
    1)Recall:-If we are able to remember cognitive knowledge of anything in our mind then it is called the process of recalling. For example If I have learnt full form of F.I.R. and after sometime I am able to tell it verbally then it is recalling.
    2)Recognition :-It is related to recognize visual of anything.
    If I am not able to recall and recognize then it is called process of forgetting (you are calling it un-learning).

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