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    Let us join to fight corruption now

    An entire village was up in arms when the local sub-inspector sought a bribe to let go someone arrested on a flimsy charge. The official was caught red handed and is now under suspension.

    These are tough times. People already have reduced incomes or zero income. They have started to dip into their savings. Many have taken to doing odd jobs to merely survive. In these tough times, if anyone indulges in corruption, let groups of people come out to the streets and protest. This is one sure way of ensuring that people are on the right track.

    We also need to ensure that all Government department people do their jobs properly. They are paid well and have job security. They need to work with dedication in these tough times.
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    We can bring down corruption to zero if we all cooperate to form groups and fight against such corrupt people in our society and government. We should not allow the fence to eat the crops. In our country, law enforcement authorities are the most corrupt. An individual cannot fight to straighten them. Only a group can set them right.
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    There cannot be corruption in future as the situation is more vigil as at every point there is a camera or someone is watching the moves of wrong doer official or any department seeking money or favors for doing the work done. Most of the municipal and civic works are done through the online process the officials connected to indulge in corruption are not getting chance as the higher officials can be approached for not doing the things. However the revenue department is still corrupt and need to be set right and the vigil people can only bring in corrupted officials to book with evidence.
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    Yesterday only I have seen a video on social media. In that video, police are collecting money from the migrant working ladies who are walking on the railway track. That made me believe that we can't stop corruption. In these times of financial crisis, the migrant workers are not able to get food and expecting donations from others. From such people, a government employee is taking money. Corruption at its peak.
    As said by the author, we should fight out this corruption. Why should we do illegal things and give bribe to people? We should not deviate from the rules and all public should fight out corruption in a collective way. Then only we may be able to stop this corruption. But one good thing I noticed during this Corona time, many government officials worked without any expectations and they sincerely served the people. So we should thank such people and go after corrupt officials.

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    I would like to start my talk with new end. Corruption is not only related with money it is related with our behaviour also. If we want to erase corruption then we must start with ourselves. We should have equity in our deeds and talks. For example if we want that our future generation shouldn't tell a lie then we must not tell false facts in our life so that our children may not learn this bad habit. Moral education is other essential step to eradicate corruption. This is bad time for our education system because of moral degradation of students. A student of political science reads whole time the oath of our constitution but he or she doesn't adopts it in his / her daily life.
    Our schools and colleges should focus on moral education except cramming.Families should be more active for moral development of kids because according to psychology the newly born kid completes 90 percent of his / her moral development till the age of 6 years.
    So we can say that positive parenting is required for moral uplifting of country's future generation.

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    Govt in the country changes but the corruption in the machinery remains there. When Govt changes, only the political leaders and MPs change. There is no change in the bureaucratic set up raging from peon to top administrative officers. The corruption is very much rooted in the machinery and has become a way of life. The citizen also goes there for his work thinking that how much he would have to shell out for a particular job. So the menace of corruption is deeply rooted and even for an honest Govt on the top it is a big challenging task to check and annihilate the corruption. Now there is the role of people here and definitely citizens can play a role by opposing the corrupt practices. If the citizens are united these corrupt people would be one by one behind the bars. It requires a collective and united approach to do that and police and law authorities should help the citizens in this matter. It is not a one day job but a long fight between good and bad.
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    Corruption is the integral and inseparable part of our system. It's extremely deep rooted in whole of the dispensation. We eat corruption, we drink corruption and fact is that we can't imagine to live without corruption. Corruption is running like blood in our veins. Actually we like corruption. Corrupt people are the stars in our sight. Do we ever think why our favourite party candidate who is contesting election from our constituency is spending millions of rupees on his voters? Why he is gifting people with wine and money and people are gladly enjoying tea, samosa besides getting Rs 500 only for raising the slogans during canvassing? Do we ever realize why business empires give crores of rupees donation to political parties in party fund?

    Is horse-trading in politics not a big game of corruption?

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