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    We can buy or give an elephant, but cannot buy or give a hook !

    We can spend a lot to buy or a big elephant for many thousands, but we are miser to buy a hook (Ankusha) or give a hook costing a few tens rupees to control the elephant.
    Why I say this - Our government can announce a 20 lakh crore (20,00,000,00,00,000) stimulus package, but cannot pay a few thousand crores as DA and DR to its employees and the pensioners. Salary, Pension, DA and DR are the rights that cannot be denied.

    Why is this from an efficient and effective praiseworthy government? Can't they pay DA and DR to their employees and pensioners at this time of crisis while they think of the economy of the country? The DA and DR are not going to rest in lockers but will help to improve the individual's purchasing power and will boost our economy.

    your views and comments, please.
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    20 lakh crores are being used for providing loans to MSMEs and other activities. But they are not giving free of cost. They are giving loans. Of course, a part of the whole package may be given as a relief to some people. Wherefrom they will get this money? They have to divert funds from other allocations and use here. Afterwards, they may pay back the money to the departments from which they have diverted. Probably the money what they have stopped may be given back to the employees and pensioners. I read somewhere that the court asked the government to pay the pension in full without any deductions. So they may be getting full pension. I don't know how much correct is my information.
    There are many private employees who are not getting salaried from the last two months. In the USA the salaries of the Private company employees also were paid by the government, I heard. Can we expect our government also to follow them to sort out the problems of the private employees?

    always confident

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