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    I am seeing many people expect others to act according to their words positively

    Many people expecting others to do according their interest. Others should never tell negatively or "not possible". At any cost they have to do or to say they are right. But is possible only when ordinary things to do but if it is legality is based, it is very difficult to say that they are correct or we can do according to them if violate the legality even a single percent. But only some meager persons are there to obey such people whatever they say whether legal or not. How to correct them?
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    It is not correct to expect everybody to say that what we are doing is correct always. When we discuss with others, they will come out with their true opinion but not an opinion which we expect. So it is better to allow others to come out openly. Then only your worth will be known. Sometime we may appreciate some people out of our own interest. Some times we may accept as the other person was powerful. But in such case, I will say we are not doing a favour to the other person. We are spoiling him.
    It is better to keep silent instead of giving a false opinion. At the same time, we can't insist on others to do things the way we like. The person who is doing should have the capability to do and also it is easy for him to do the work in the way we say. He should not be drawn into problems by following our instructions. I always feel that we should give some freedom to the other person who is executing the work to change the path in between if it required.

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