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    The fun of returning to old-fashioned ways of doing things

    The lockdown has taught us many things and one among those, and a very important one at that, is that it has taught us to manage life without totally relying on all those innovations and electronic interventions in our life that has come up just a few decades back. We have learned to be comfortable with the old ways of managing things including household chores. Join this discussion and share your experiences.

    We had a thread earlier that inquired about whether any of us was able to do small repairs and fixing tasks around the home (if somebody can locate that thread, please provided the link in a response). However, there may be some products that we may find tough to repair or even fix in some temporary fashion in the absence of being unable to get somebody expert in the field to come home and resolve it due to the lockdown. In some cases, we just have to go back to the old-fashioned way of doing things.

    Take, for example, the spin tub of my Panasonic washing machine. The plastic rim of it just came off after a thunderous noise when it was switched on. So we are back to the old method of scrubbing and washing the clothes by hand. Then there is a laptop whose screen monitor is on the verge of a divorce from its keyboard! The center of the part that connects the two snapped and a wad of cotton is the only thing saving the precarious marriage. The laptop is on a table now, permanently leaning against a pillow put against the wall as it cannot be shut. In the kitchen, the steel lemon squeezer one fine day protested about why should it work when everyone is taking a break, so with a gleeful shout snapped itself in two. Now we are back to squeezing lemons with our hands. A pair of tongs also got into the act and made a fantastic makeover twist, thanks to it being used to break a coconut (we didn't have anything else to break it with). Luckily, we do have another pair of tongs.

    So that sums up the amusing things happening in my home and our patient wait for shops to open and customer services to resume. Any similar funny experiences at your home?
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    Similarly in my brother's house, the mixie went off due to some problem. The repairing also could not be done due to the corona issue. My brother knows a service person in the next street. He called him over phone whether he could come and help. That person replied that he can come but since his street is isolated due to virus attack to somebody in the street, he could not move from the street. My sister in law annoying herself very much and told my brother the cooking would be only without mixie usage. I simply reminded her to use the stone grinder (ammi) as left by our mother earlier which was lying in the corner of the house unnoticed. She told that it is new to her and I grind the masala and tell her the way of grinding. He was pleased and told, " hereafter I never worry even if power went off".

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    I faced a similar problem with my spectacles. During the early beginning lock down time , one of the temple of my spectacles got removed due to the loss of screw in the hinge. I was unable to trace the screw of the hinge and made it repair my self. I used a small very thin plastic wire to tie the temple to the hinge. It worked around for 35 days and today it got broken again. This time I am unable to attach it as it lost its alignment. So I have to search for my old spectacles which was in ruined condition to use it for the time being.
    Similarly, one of the burners of LPG stove got cracked and was troubling. I used a tin foil to repair it temporarily and worked for about few weeks in the lock down period. But later it get completely cracked down as it got rusted and it so no more working. So we are using electric cooker and induction stove for rice cooking and on the other burner of LPG for other cooking purpose.

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    The servant maids are not coming to houses. So housewives started cleaning the vessels on their own, which they never do during normal times. During earlier days ladies used to prepare papads in the house. But they are available now in the market. So nobody is making them in the house nowadays. But during this lockdown period my mother, my aunt and my wife together for 5 or 6 hours and prepared them in our house. They did this almost after 15 years or so in our house.
    In summer it is our practice to prepare mango pickles sufficient for the whole year. For this, we used to purchase chillies powder from the market. But this year the shops in that village are not having them. So they used traditional mortar,

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    Not just in a lockdown, but even in normal days too such things hapen.
    In my place it is very difficult to get repairing personnel, especially for small matters. As such labourers or persons are interested to go for full day jobs under osome contractor or big organisations, we generally do not get such services easily . May be after many reminders and pleadings one may feel pity and come.For that also we have to wait whole day or next day waiting for his arrival leaving all other matters of going out.

    Many times I improvse things and somehow manage or do withoutthat aid or appliance or resort to our old ways.

    1. The support cloth, below the plywood-cushion sofa in our home , has worn out by time weather and due to wood infestation. On touchin parts of it came out a just powder. .Then only I saw the badquality wood used for the sofa. hougj I caled the vendor and asked him to set it right and resdy to pay the cost, no one turned till day. What I did was just cleanig the wood dust and taping the clothby broad brown tape and continue to use.

    2. The main support of the pedestal fan does not stand firm and simmply telescopes down. The screw and screwpoint are losse and worn out. Th technician said he is not getting the spare part. So I had to improvise.
    I tied a strong stick and fixed with tape also. Then I covered with craft paper to hide the stick. I am using that way.

    3. The small spice grinder ( stone-but actually was made by cement) broke. I used the 'pakad' for crushing ginger, pepper etc.

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    Thanks God my washing machine is still working but interestingly I am not using it frequently and hardly once in 7-8 days. The reason is we are washing the lighter clothes now ourselves and not loading in the machine unnecessarily. I have a feeling that by doing this the chances of my machine going bad would be reduced. I have become too cautious. I am using microwave and other gadgets more and gas stove less to avoid the frequent change of gas refill cylinder. We are not wasting any food as now we cannot go out to feed to the stray dogs or cows. So, many things are there which are changed and I am remembering my student life and early work life when I had no facilities and life was running on minimum gadgets and infrastructure.
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    Some interesting improvisions have been shared in this thread. Umesh mentioned not using the washing machine regularly so as to preempt it breaking down. In my home, for many years we have been using it only on alternate days, but for a different, important reason - to save water. We are very conscious of the fact that people do not have this precious element of nature and hence take measures to reduce wastage as much as possible.
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    During the lockdown, our costly washing machine has gone for a six due to a small little mouse present in our house that has eaten away the tasty plastic perfume coated wires. We have reverted to the good old hand rubbing and washing of clothes. We are thankful to the Bengaluru corporation for providing sufficient Kaveri water to us that helps us to keep our dresses clean. We have limited the use of our dresses to reduce the washing work.

    The same mouse has eaten away some wires of my car parked at home. That can be traced only after the lifting of the lockdown by taking my car to a workshop or calling a mechanic to my home.

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    Earlier I was working in the kitchen in the normal way not bothering for anything but now I have to be very alert as to make the list of the items that we require from the provision shop. As we cannot go out daily so we have to monitor our inventory very closely so during our visit to the shop, which generally we are making once in 10 days, we collect these items from the shop and we have to be very careful as even for one important item we would have to visit unnecessary once more. I do not know if others are also so meticulously following the kitchen requirement in these times.
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