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    No five fingers alike similarly people are always different

    During the corona lock down, we can see the variety of people - general public, politicians etc., Medias also acts very poor to confuse public. On the other side courts are giving verdicts on PILs without considering the background of Government's action against corona.

    On the one page thre is a news that many people those who are away from their native places, facilitated with special trains. On the same page a political leader of opposite party gave news that the people are driven out of states in this curfew time.

    On the other day, special trains are provided to ease the needy public in some parts of our country. But in a newspaper a news published that people are criticizing that the charges in Special trains more but they forget to understand that to reduce the crowd and minimised passengers in the coaches, they charge more.
    It reminds me to the old tamil cine song, 'vaazhnthaalum esum, thaazhnthaalum esum....' which means the world will comment one who lives well and also when he fell down from his level.
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    These things happen when there is no coordination among various people. As far as I know, the tickets for the migrants are being provided by the State governments concerned. Then why one should worry about the charges. If more people are there more trains will be organised. But unfortunately, people are trying to create confusion among people. Many people don't know what is exactly happening but they comment about something or other as if they know everything. That is where the problem starts.
    No newspaper or TV channel is giving correct information. The central government issued a GO asking the states to issue passes to the people belonging to their state and held up in some other state due to lockdown. If they have their own vehicle they can travel as soon as they receive the pass. But no newspaper has published. I came to know through one of my friends only on 5th May 2020, that means 12 days after the GO is issued. I applied and got the pass on the same day on my WhatsApp.

    always confident

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    It is a matter of existence and survival for all. The migrants, the opposition , the ruling party and media. So each one does what ca benefit them.
    As sensational matters attract people, the media and opposition will exploit any such oportunity arising which they can twist and turn to their advanatage. The media alo does the same.

    To describe the sufferings with proper exxaggeration and generalising and amplifying a particular incident wil become quite hand y and useful to them. As the government has other works they cannot repudiate or answer all that comes against them. So that is again useful for the opposition and critical media. They will be successful if they could create at least a slight dout or confuion in people's minds. In the absence of strong dnials and convincing explanations peole may believe the rumours and fake news. Sometimes the media may simply hide or relegate to some corner the explanation and denials.
    An equivalent sayin is in Malayalam 'Ammaye thalliyalum randu paksham". If one beats his mother also there will be two opinions by people.

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