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    Never underestimate other languages or religions in any situation

    I have seen people who underestimate other languages, religions or status. It is not correct in any way. Everybody has their own dignity.

    One of my friends used to comment that another friend who was drawing a low salary should be treated differently. A lady in our neighbourhood who is not a Tamilian keeps degrading Tamil and ridicules that other children do not know Hindi or English and says that learning Tamil only is a waste. There will be so many such examples.

    On no occasion should we criticize or underestimate others, their region, language, religion or status. Why do you think it happens and what is your opinion about such people?

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    Underestimating other person's abilities is never a good trait. We should respect his knowledge whatever he has and if necessary we should help him to improve upon his skills. But thinking that he can't do anything is wrong. The hare underestimated the talent of the tortoise and slept on the way during competition and last the race. This may be due to its overconfidence or underestimating the skill of the other party.
    Religion is a topic which we should not talk. We should not criticise or underestimate religions other than your religion. It will hurt the feeling of that religious people and it may lead to a big problem. So religion is not for discussion but it is to follow.
    Coming to languages, everyone will have a liking for their mother tongue and nothing wrong in that. But if we say other languages are not good you will definitely hurt the feelings of those people who speaks that language. So you should never comment or underestimate the other languages.

    always confident

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    We have no right to underestimate others. If we do it then it is as bad as insulting the other person. People have their own language, religion and culture. If that is harming to the neighbours or society then only we have to object and take action through the authorities in our country. There is law and order and judiciary meant for that purpose. Police and other administrative agencies are also there to help us in such situation. Making cheap remarks and making filthy statements are in a bad taste. We should place ourselves in their place before making such remarks.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A matured and well travelled and exposed person will not ridicule or belittle other languages or life style.

    From my experience I have sen that every where people behave in similar way. Untill they understand the goodness of other language andlifestyle they go on ridiculing the other. But once they understand an become familair they may even feel that the other is superior to theirs even.
    The aim of education is to become open and broad minded. However unfortunately we get to see that minds are becoming narrow and narrow.
    People make their minds closed and not allowing fresh wind of knowledge. That will lead to stagnation and self destruction only.

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    Underestimating others happen when the full potential of a man is not known. People are in the habit of passing any comment without knowing the real cause behind an issue. Such an issue arises because of twin reasons firstly, we are not interested to know the the man concerned fully and secondly with the little available information, we tend to pass on silly remarks derogatory to his personality.
    However, such type of loose talks may spoil the personal relationship sometimes. At least, we must be aware of human psychology illustrating that uttering good words in his absence to someone else would raise respect of the man praising others and it is always better to maintain a clean image with the encouraging words if we are not in a position to offer any good services.

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