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    What is good? To be a generous person or a miserly life

    What is life on earth? Should we be generous and spend all our money and go bankrupt, or be a miser and save money and accumulate wealth for our future generation?

    My question is very simple, expecting a detailed response from the members.
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    Life is as similar as bicycle. You cannot stay at a place or balance is the key of successful life. We should maintain balance between our financial condition and our necessities. We shouldn't be greedy as well as we shouldn't live like bankrupt. Beside this my personal opinion says that we should earn more money day by day and uplift our life style also.We should focus on educating children not to collect heritage for them as money earned by us.

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    You should not waste your money and at the same time, you need not sacrifice your comforts for saving money. We struggle a lot in our lives to earn more money without taking rest and earn money. The same money we will not even use for our comforts. We save for next generations and once we are out of this world we don't know what happened to that money. So we need not run after money.
    Earn money, enjoy life. At the same time keep some money with you as you may need for your emergencies. You should never be a miser in your life. I know people who earned a lot of money but never enjoyed. But once he is dead all his daughters and son spent the same in no time.
    I feel it is better to donate money to the orphans and see that they will be happy in their life. That will give you a better time in your next birth.

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    Life is an amalgamation of many attributes and traits and there has to be a balance between them for a meaningful life. Anything in extreme would be detrimental to our growth. Earning money is very important because livelihood is the prime thing to run our life but again to utilise that earning in a proper way is much more important. If someone earns significant money but loses it in the gambling then a person who has earned less would be having a better quality of life. Generosity also to a limit is admissible. In some religions it is mentioned that one should give at least one tenth of one's earning for good causes through a common agency. That is a good idea. Generosity should be limited to help only the destitute, handicapped and downtrodden and not the lazy and negligent workers. One has to be prudent in spending money though being miser is also not a good trait as the miser sometimes does not spend even for himself. Life seeks efforts from us for a balanced recipe and it may vary from individual to individual as how does he use the different ingredients in different proportions.
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    We should be normally human. We should give priority to our family and children. Their necessities is to be met in an optimum way.

    But along with that we should try to help the deserving directly or indirectly. It can be done by earmarking a small portion of our income for such purposes. If we do not see an immediate demand for that we may keep it pooled in a separate account and spend it as and when a deserving case comes.

    The first priority should be to satisfy the hunger of anybody. Then the medical needs, then shelter and then education marriage etc. There may be deserving people among relatives, friends circle, neighbourhood etc. We may se some while on travel. We can also send donations of posible sums to organisations which are genuinely doing such charity help and services. We wil be the bestjudge on this. We can even spend for animal care too.

    Traditional wisdomteaches us that we should giv to the deserving only. It should not be used for others' harm or self harm.

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    We should avoid extremities at all levels. Being too much generous by donating fake trusts can disappoint you and before donating your hard rearmed money, you would need to verify its authenticity. Donating money to the underprivileged children living in your locality for buying books, pencils and other stationary to be used by them is definitely a highly satisfying job since your investment in raising their comforts would go a long way in changing their life style in due course.
    At the same time, one must not be miser and the money earned by him did not provide any relief in terms of entertainment or food. Hence a certain portion is to be used for entertainment apart from building a reserve for meeting any medical emergency at old age. A careful calculation is always required.

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    Miserly lives for none even not for himself. He would always be counting his money in the vault and be happy on that. He cannot spend it as he only cherishes its heat and power from distance. So we cannot expect anything from the miserly while generous persons are the ones who are helping the suffering humanity and that is what is the actual satisfaction in their lives. Definitely generous ones stand high in this comparison and their reputation in the society is a proof of their good work towards the suffering humanity. I would honour the generous people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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