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    Asking suggestions to improve presentation skills

    As all of us know that presentation skills in written examination are very important. Though there are more creative occasions of presentation in arts faculty's examination but there should be some tricks and tips for science students. I am talking about presentation methods for students of Bachelor of science. I have firm belief that I will get good presentation skills from India study family.
    All of you are invited to give your response .
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    Since it is my personal requirement to improve presentation skills in my second year examination which will be held in month of July that's why I am inviting all of you again to share your experiences and presentation skills.

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    What i could gather from my daughter while studying her intermediate exam with BiPC stream, that lecturers and examiners are not interested in your lengthy responses to the questions, but they want imaginary illustrations or the flow charts through which you can convey the answer in a more systematic and understandable way. Mind it a flow chart is also way of expressing detailed answer not in writing but with information and detailing thereof. So the lecturer or the examiner gets more get more convinced with the answer and they would simply give full marks. So try to explain your answers in the way it was mentioned above.
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    I suggest you make notes for each chapter you studied. Then note down important points. When you present the subject, please see that all the important points you made are brought there and explain based on these important points. That is a way to present the subject in a better way.
    When you make a presentation of any science subject, don't give the formula first. Explain one or two examples and from that make the audience to draw the formula. That will be interesting to the people.
    If it is presenting in an examination in writing, you can plan the length of your presentation based on the marks to that particular question.

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    There are two important parts of the performance in any examination or making a presentation elsewhere. First is the content which is very crucial and should be correct by all means and by itself. Content is the main part of the answer because only to know this from you the exam is conducted. Second which is equally important is style and manner it is illustrated and there comes the role of the medium language and style used. Generally one has to answer in English though is some exams the second language is also allowed. An effective sum of these two things make a presentation unique and impressive. The question is how to learn it. The answer is by hard work and continuous persistent efforts. Write an answer to a question and then examine it as an examiner and there itself you would find many corrections and flaws to be removed though you yourself have prepared it some time ago. I have a manuscript of an article which I wrote decades ago. Today I find many mistakes and it looks childish to me. So, improvement is a continuous process and when we go for it ad chase it then after some time our presentations start to appear impressive and of class.
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    When one studies one gets knowledge and learns the subject. When one is asked to present it in one's language then the question of presentation comes in picture. That requires practice and hard work and is learnt with experience.
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