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    Schools should be used for examination centres of college students

    Some universities are going to organise the examinations of college students in June - July. They are committed to follow the social vaccine or 2 meter distance. The number of students in these universities are in figure of lakhs. That's why sitting arrangement of all students may be challenge for universities and affiliated college. Now my suggestion is that universities schools should be used also for the college examination centres.
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    There are many options.
    1. There are many wedding halls lying vacant. They will have chairs. The university can ask the students to bring their own pads and make seating arrangement following the social distance concept.
    2. Examinations can be conducted in 2 or e shifts.7AM to 10 AM. 11 Am to 1 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM. Three sets of pares are to be organised.
    3. As mentioned by the author colleges, schools and private school buildings can also be used for conducting these examinations.
    4. Keeping the surroundings and buildings clean is another important point. Soap with water showers at the entrance of the examination centre should be arranged.
    5. Temperature is to be checked. If any student is found to be having temperature he should send back or allowed write the examination in a separate room.
    But it is a real tough time for the universities to follow all these rules and conduct examinations.

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    Schools can accommodate the college children. Usually the exams for schools and colleges would go hand in hand. This was the regular tendency followed over the years. Now since the schools are closed, yet the opening dates are not fixed, college authorities can utilize the school infrastructure for competing the exams while maintaining social distancing as an order.

    Children also will be happy to write with confidence over studies as well as health. Cleanliness should be the key for these exams.

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    Good explanation by both respected members.More suggestions for other experts are invited. Give a detailed explanation how college should manage it.

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    Organizing exams is always connected to spending more money for the centers and the invigilators. Normally the government schools and colleges are hired for free and only invigilators fees would be the expense, even some schools are ready to part with teachers for free. If the author question has to be followed, then the examination branch has to spend more and in this case that cannot be done due to resource crunch. However the University may opt for two sessions one in the morning and other in the evening which may work out to be cheaper than having one new center. And the exam centers has to be to the reach of the students, as the authorities cannot conduct at those places which are away from the main center. So all these factors should be considered in deciding the exam centers and the students should be put to less inconvenience.
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    There are many big exhibition halls, conference halls, enclosed verandahs, marriage kalyan mandappam, temporary pandals etc where the students can be accommodated. There are even some old Govt buildings which have a large enclosed space and that can be converted to a temporary examination hall. There are many possibilities and only thing is people should cooperate in such times and make available these places to the educational authorities. Why I am telling this thing is because many of these facilities are in private hands and this is the time that they should come forward for this noble cause.
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