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    What is your analysis of lock down by various countries?

    After China, countries all around the world followed different strategies to control Covid-19. USA has shown resistance to lock down but followed lock down partially. But it is unable to contain death toll. But the country was able to succeed in controlling economic disaster. It lost only 2% GDP during this period. China used lock down procedure strictly in the place where this originated and able to succeed in containing spreading of the disease to the whole country. India completely depended on lock down to contain COVID-19. Even though the number of deaths when compared to other countries is less but the spreading of disease at the present moment gaining. In India, due to lock down heavy economic loss occurred. But at present Indian goverment trying to give more relaxations to lock down. Because of this there is every possibility of spreading this disease and the gain we got through lock down may be erased what the experts predicting. Is it correct to relaxation mode when the spread of the disease gaining momentum? Then do you think USA acted wisely than India?
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    I don't think that the USA acted wisely than India. The deaths in the USA were nowhere comparable to that of in India. They have money. Even then they wanted more money. So they have not given importance for the lives of people, But India though it is the responsibility of the government to see that people will not die because of this virus. That is why they imposed the lockdown and they are able to control the deaths. Now we are thinking that they are spreading. But these cases are their also but they are getting detected now. Another lockdown also will be there and that will ensure that the virus will not spread more.
    Many countries are looking at India and many countries followed our model. The population is high and the density of population is also very high. Because of this problem, many people thought that if the virus attacks India the deaths will be in lakhs. But the deaths are only in thousands only. It is a great achievement. Now the government will concentrate on financial stability.

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    Different countries are adopting different strategies and India is also following a mixed approach now in this matter. There is one important factor that I want to highlight that though in the initial stages many advanced countries suffered miserably but now they are stabilised to a good extent as their population is less and they do not have congested and slum colonies there. So, this is now going to give them a greater advantage in terms of managing and containing this virus threat. Unfortunately in our country we have many such slums and congested places which are of great danger for spread of this virus.
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    What I feel that we are fortunate enough that we could containing the surging cases and also the recovery is very good with very less mortality rate when compared to the other countries. Instead of lock down the country could have gone for selective locking. For example of some 10 person got positive in a colony, home or the flats, that particular building should have been sealed under the police protection that no one would be allowed inside or outside. That way the economy would have been going and India could have shown the world another big example of living with corona.
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    I am at a loss to understand the response in US by the people and the government. From the news reports I see Germany and a couple of other countrie do well- the government as well as the people.

    But considring the diversities and the complexities, I feel India has taken the proper measures. BCentral government and some State governments have done well.

    Our government gave priority first to save lives.Then theyy turn to save ivelihood.
    It is not just the government's reponsibilty alone. We the people of this country have to co-operate and comply one hundred percent in the preventive measures and in the meaured opening of lockdown

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    This virus did spread in some countries with such an intensity that people there did not get time to protect themselves from it and could not contain it or slowed down it and it did much damage there. In India the initial lockdowns helped in containing it though it is matter of delaying the spreading only because slowly it would engulf more people as there is no cure for it. So, threat is still looming with same danger as it did in some of the countries. So right now we cannot say that India is out of the danger. We may have to go for much ore stringent curfews and lockdowns in future and should be prepared for it mentally.
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