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    Analyse yourselves before analysing others

    Many of us will always try to find out faults with others. When two friends meet, their discussion will definitely cover one of their common friends. The discussion will be definitely on the negatives of the third person. But the same people will never try to talk to the third friend and say these are your mistakes. If they say they may become bad to him. So they don't want to do it. They will also have a fear that he will point out their mistakes.

    Before finding the faults of others please make a self-assessment and correct your mistakes. Then only you have the right to talk about the mistakes of others. But many of the people will never think about their faults and always be busy to find fault with others.

    I think the members from ISC will be in agreement with me.
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    This post has given a mantra to all of us and if we follow that mantra we would not only be happy in our lives but also would keep away from all types of conflicts and confrontations. It is easy to criticise others and talk whatever we want about them but what happens when we introspect ourselves. Most of the cases we would find that we were at fault. Keeping our mind stable and analyse our own behaviour and viewpoint before banging or offending on others is a trick that many successful people follow in their lives and I would only say that we have to weigh our tongue before we speak about others.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A progressive person will always analyse his or her own mistakes and try to set right the things when next attempt was made. Everybody is not that experienced to get the success in first attempt and we have to wait for the best luck and change to make our impression and in that case the attempt should be flawless and should have the opportunity for others to say something. Likewise when we want to make any comment on others, we must ensure that we are right and our observations stands with examples. Anyway good remarks are always accepted with smiles and others also need critical evaluation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @Respected Rao sir ji
    I am agree with you. Because it is said that if we are searching faults then they are not bad it is our negative mindset which is doing so. In the other chapter of motivation it is written that if we ourselves follow the suggestions given by us then we may be most successful person of this world that's why we shouldn't criticize others. There is concept of individual differences in psychology which tells us that everyone is different at the level of thinking, doing acts, then why we should wander to find out demerits of others. The world is not made for us. We should praise anyone's drawing room except criticizing his / her garbage place.
    I mean we should learn positive points of others.

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