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    Jaundice and Yellowish connection in life

    A person suffering from Jaundice, a liver disease, is connected with the colour yellow. Firstly the person's eye become yellowish. And also his body parts. He vomits yellow liquids. In Tamil, there is a proverb "Kaamalai kannanukku kandathellam Manjal" ( Whatever a Jaundice person sees would be yellow in colour)

    Do you have any such proverb in your language? Share it here.
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    A small correction needed in the thread . Jaundice affects liver, not lungs. Please review and correct.

    There is an equivalent saying in Malayalam also." Manjapithakkaranu kaanunnathellam manja"

    This proverb is used to denote a person who has a prejudiced view and biased judgment on anything. The person does not understand that his view is affected and wrong. People who are die hard cynics and adamant and dogmatic are also remarked by this saying.

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    Thank you Venkiteswaran,
    It was the corona effect that made me think lungs instead of the liver. I corrected it. Your explanation is appreciated. Tamil and Malayalam match well in all respects.

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    The over flow of bile juice would make the liver weak and that leads to the jaundice or Manja Kamalai in Tamil. As far as I know there is no English medicine for this except the Ayurveda treatment. The villagers have the best medicine for this. They advice the person to have Sonti (sukku in Tamil) and jaggery, and take Kizha Nelli, a ayur herb which should be made as powder and to be taken with cow milk, and sugar cane juice are the three main things which can control the jaundice. And the person should avoid taking more salt. If the jaundice has been affected to a an infant, then exposing the child to the early morning sun rise is the best way to control the jaundice. As far as possible the affected person should in take only cold based food like curd rice which can control the disease very fast.
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    In Telugu, a similar proverb saying "Paccha kamerla rogiki lokamantha Pacchaga kanipisthundi". In English we can translate this as for a jaundice patient the whole world appears to be yellow in Color. In our local languages so many such equivalent proverbs are there.

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    Thanks Ramakrishna as I was about to write the Telugu version of the proverb equivalent to Tamil and you made the submission. But in Tamil paccha means green and that is the take here.
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    There is a similar proverb in Telugu which means that if you see through a black glass, the whole world will look black. "Nalla Kalla Jodu tho chooste lokam anta Nalla gane untundi." I think such proverbs will be there in all languages.
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    In Hindi language also jaundiced eye means a prejudiced mind. In Hindi it is known as 'Purva dharana'. Purva here means beforehand and dharana means thinking. When a thinking is existing beforehand it is called jaundiced eye.
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