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    Is a website for highly educated rich people or a less educated poor people?

    You may wonder to see my thread title. Really it is a question to be asked to confirm certain things from our members.
    An educated rich member of the site would boost himself with extraordinary rich words with polished English. A less educated poor member would write simple sentences with simple poverty filled words frankly and openly in an understandable language with decency without any abusive or absurd or slang words.

    For e.g. If a member writes, " I do not have sufficient clothes. I don't have enough garments to dress up. I wear only simple clothes. I don't have a washing machine. I wash my own little clothes I have. I don't have sufficient income to take care of my family etc."

    Should the site think such frank and open words are unethical and not fit for use in a web site? Is the web world only for the educated rich, and not for the educated poor?
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    As far as I know this site is not concerned about educated rich or less educated poor. When some one registers here as new member no such questions are asked. Therefore it is expressly understood that those who are experienced in their own life and not borrowed any idea from others, and being the self own are only contributing here and their personal education of different learning is shared here and in their own words. What I feel that the expression of views should be simple, and understandable to the others and they should able to respond. Simple English is always good and we are not here to win the high prize or recognition for using the superlative English. Let our contributions be modest in language, great in thought process, super in making understanding of our views and let other members have the opportunity to try.
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    I do not think that any site, except some specific literary ones, bothers for highly educated English or simple English. What the sites bother is the content and its explicit meaning. If that meaning is not acceptable then the problem comes. The other important aspect is that if someone writes his content or resource in a very polished and effective manner as compared to the simple one then the score of both the submissions would differ and in all probability if the content is exactly same the former would score more. No one can answer it as why it should happen but it is the practical reality in our lives. That is the reason why in any exam many students score more for the same content presented in impressive and attractive ways.
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    The site is for everyone whether he is educated rich or less educated poor. If anybody feels that he is weak in English, he can also improve his English. Lots of stuff is available on the site like articles and various contests. He can also polish his English. The site provides equal opportunities to all to improve themselves.

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    Members are requested to add phrases like 'not wearing inner-garments', 'walking bare-body' etc (one has to read it in the context to realise the intend) to the example given by the author to understand better. Sun, ISC is an educational site and we have certain rules and guidelines in place which members registering here are bound to follow. I understand, and rightly so, that this thread is with reference to your deleted response in this thread. You have once again {please also refer to my response in this thread} proved yourself by reproducing, though partly, as per your convenience, a portion of the deleted response in this thread. Not mentioning, or tactfully avoiding, certain words used by you in that response in the reproduced version is ample proof that you are very well aware as to where you had gone wrong. Please do not feign ignorance or act innocent.

    Coming to your query, it is up to the admin of any site to decide what content they should allow. If a site is particular about grammar, spellings and the quality of acceptable language and has laid down certain policies in that regard, I don't think there should be any doubt whether it should be followed by the members.

    Considering (and not wrongly) that your specific reference is to ISC, let me tell you that no existing member will say that they were discouraged by the admin or the editors of this site from posting here just because their hold over the language was not up to the mark. In fact, it has been our endeavour to encourage such members and provide the necessary support to improve themselves. There may have been one or two who had left since they found it tasking to learn and improve but otherwise the results have been positive so far.

    To err is human and there can be no one who is perfect. So, no one would expect anyone to write content that is totally error-free. But using indecent words or terms, innuendoes, obscene usages etc does not come under the definition of poor language skills.

    So, to conclude, let me say that it is not the question of poor language or rich language but how and where you use it that matters and for attaining that wisdom, adding degrees to one's credit is not what matters; one should be 'educated' in the true sense of the term.

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    I think that honest representations of the thoughts are essential and once you go honestly by your thoughts, there would not be any break of flow of thoughts. But on the other hand, excessive thinking that the flow of thoughts are not complied with the rules of grammar, there is every possibility of loosing the rhythm once picked up in the initial moment.
    My belief is that the contents should be precise enough and does not reflect the duality in its meaning. Let us not be influenced with the styles adopted by other authors but hear your heart while writing and in that the creation will attract the readers.

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    I don't think that the words you used will count. If you use the words correctly and it is conveying the point, you want to coney the reader correctly, the language has done its job. There is no rule that we have to use very uncommon words and use complex sentences to convey our ideas. In fact, there are some sites like ISC where the administration and the editors encourage the members by pointing out the mistakes committed and they will help us in improving in our language and grammar. In fact, they advise us with separate alerts to us telling what is wrong in our write up and tell us how we can correct it also. That is why if we work continuously with ISC our English will improve and we will better in English grammar and spellings. We can see that by going through the post of different authors at different.
    I always say an easy to understand write up without any spelling mistakes and grammar mistake is the best. If you have a good vocabulary you can use them.

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    Respectable Editor Saji,
    It is nice that you came up with the fact. Is it wrong to use the words, "I do not wear inner garments - I remain with bare body."? Are they bad sentences? In which way? Is it vulgar? How?

    What if someone writes ' Due to lockdown, I have no money to buy even simple low-cost underwear or banian?
    I used the words carefully to frame the sentence. These were used to explain the situation in that thread of things going OOO(Out of Order). This was used to explain how a person simplified his wearing of dresses when the facility to wash the dresses went for a six during the lockdown period.

    While narrating a story, if I say that a person was made naked by the police, does the word naked looks improper and indecent.

    The reason is - When I think and write the fact with decency, you think differently with vulgarity in your mind.

    I am a bit educated and can differentiate what is decent and what is vulgar, what is good and what is bad.

    Dear Editor, You need to understand the situation and the fact before you act against the words. Nothing more to add.


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    Again, I spelled out the facts of life at home in simple and decent words and caught between the scissors. What I now understand is -
    1. Truths and facts cannot be said openly.
    2. A spade should not be called a spade.
    3. We need to find some new word for the spade.

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    Respected sir ji
    I think the objective of India Study Channel is sufficient to answer your question. If the site were made for the persons who are rich in english then it could loose it's purpose of being a learning site. Then it might be only a competition platform of English dictionary. But it is not doing so . It is providing occasions of learning to every member without discriminating on the basis of his / her past knowledge. Truly this site is following democratic ethics. Everyone is free to give response and get rewards.

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    As per my experience this is one of the best sites in our country which is giving much support to the new members and guiding them in so many ways that is as good as tutoring. No site would take so much pains to train the newcomers. Surprisingly it treats the new members also in the same way as old members and gives them recognition much earlier than any other site. Editors are very alert here and no nonsense is tolerated and that is a good thing. I have seen in some sites that people openly abuse and mudsling on each other. For those who are really interested in learning, this site is a very right place. For students it is really very beneficial in many respect.
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    The author here is the typical example of how you can't wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep. So no point in either taking him to the pond or trying to wake him up. The author may choose to be educated and morally and ethically rich and behave accordingly in this site if he wants his contents to be retained.

    This thread is being locked now as the query does not warrant any further explanation.

    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar

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