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    What is your activity level in online?

    Many people are nowadays active in many internet sites in writing posts, responses and comments wherever they find something interesting as per their taste and liking. Some also write blogs and articles for publishing in the sites (like ISC in our case). Then there are some who write stories and poems in various groups in social media and specific activity pages. I was just pondering what would be our average speed of contribution in online in words per day if we club all our activity in online including ISC.

    In my case I am churning out about 500 to 600 words per day on an average including all the activities in online. What about you? Can you share that here so that others can have an idea as how much the activity could be in different cases.
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    I was not much active in ISC for past many months due to my involvement in a social (community) matter.There were some personal matters too. Hence my time was spent mostly on them.
    But now during lockdown I get free time.
    I am member of a few groups in whatsapp. That takes some time. As I am not in FB or other social media I spend my online tme more in ISC now. I also visit various websites at random or on some refernce .

    I have not yet exactly calculated how much time I am online. Due to Power supplybreaks, bad weather etc I may not be able to work at a stretch. On certain days I may not go online at all.

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    I never counted the words I write per day online. Daily I am spending just 3 to 4hours online when I was in my native place. Responding to emails, seeing WhatsApp messages, Facebook visiting will be for an hour or so, 2 or 3 hours on ISC. On average I may be writing 300 to 400 words per day. This is my rough approximation. One thing I want to mention is my time on ISC is almost same before Lockout and during Lockout also. There is no much change. The additional time I got is being used in a different field but not online. Now I am back to Hyderabad and my online activity may increase. May not be on ISC but on other sites.
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    I don't sit on a chair and work with a laptop on a table. I lay down on my bed with my laptop on my lap and work. I don't know how many hours I spend online? I have a Facebook account also. But not much interesting. There is nothing to write on Facebook except to click on the thumbs up to like. ISC is my favorite pass time activity. At an average, I must be writing 1000 words in a day, mainly in the Forum section. Day by day, I am losing interest in ISC working. I don't know why? Probably the change in the attitude of ISC.

    Recently, I started learning Kannada online. English to Kannada translation section available on the net helps me a lot to learn this language. I hope to reduce my ISC activity and divert my interest to learn new languages. After Kannada, my shift would be to learn Telugu. I learned a bit Telugu while I was working in Vishakhapatnam. I hope to be a strong south Indian proficient in all the four south Indian sister languages Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu.

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    I am only active in ISC and a little bit of WhatsApp. I am not writing many articles also nowadays. My main activity is in contests and forum and sometimes in Ask Experts. Altogether my average speed would be around 100 to 150 words per day at the most.
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    I don't get much time from my daily family routines and children. I have not calculated the number of words but I would spend an hour or do here. I try to look into my key interests or for any other search I first check here before going to google.
    I love to read, rather than writing here. Hence my words related to writing will be limited. Articles written by a few authors drag me not to move and complete the topic.

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    Umesh sir, first of all I don't have an account on any social media like the WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger etc.

    Second thing is that I am more fond of poem writing. I started it on 14th November 2018 and have written more than 30 poems. Out of these poems, more than 20 are available on our blog "Shiksha Paridarshan".

    Besides this, I am active only on ISC. I am working with ISC to earn something to spend on my studies and to get fluency in English writing.

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    I have not counted how many words on an average I write however, I feel like visiting and writing on ISC though but I don't write so much as I want. Also I'm on FB and whatsapp but not very much active.

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    I will be there on Facebook where I Join or subscribe to Cricket fan clubs, China Daily, and other activities around the world like devotional and other things. The next one is the ISC. I forgot to tell my Facebook is completely in the Telugu language. Telugu is the largest spoken language in South India.
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    Passion of writing does not have an end. It is quality of the skill rather than the time spent in any site. This site gives space for correcting ourselves which is not available in other sites.
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    Rajendra Mina:
    Incidentally I am also writing poems (about 10-12 of them are published in some reputed sites) and when I visit your blog, I would let you know about that more. Very happy to know that you are improving your writing skills here and I also agree with you that this is the right place for that and especially when you participate in more contests you learn in a faster mode. I am immensely benefited here and hope that you also follow the same path. Let us contribute here regularly. Even if you get a good job and nice career try to contribute here by sparing some time and keep in touch with all of us. All the best.

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    Passion of writing does not have an end. It is quality if the skill rather than the time spent in any site. This site gives space for correcting ourselves which is not available in other sites.
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