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    Covid and alphabet C - fun and fact

    We long for some fun break even when serious.This thread is prompted by a whatsapp message I received today. There is a strange but coincidental relationship with Covid19.
    1. Birth - China
    2. Belongs to family of – Corona
    3. Present official name- Covid19
    4. Initial symptoms- Cough, cold
    5. Risk factor- Cureless
    6. How to prevent – Cover face and nose
    7. If infected -Containment and confinement
    8. If not cared in time- Criticality

    Let it never lead to D. But end with another C-Cure found and cured fully
    Needed our sincere efforts in prevention along with prayers to God.
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    Very interesting post. Informative and amusing. It is a change from the routine posts. The letter C has become a cynosure letter today. Anything starting from it is sufficient to give us jitters till we find that it is no way associated with Covid. Let me also try to use this letter C in my next paragraph as much as possible.

    People now have become much conscious of this clever virus which is coming here and there in conspicuous mutated forms. Country to country it caused different casualties. Some places the cases are contained while in other places they are growing carelessly. I call upon the combined discipline and courageous show by our countrymen in this crucial time when containment is the key to save ourselves from this cruel enemy.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A nice post from Venkiteswaran to understand the effect of C with Corona history. Among the English alphabets, C is connected to my life. I am a Communicator by profession. I have a good Character. My Conduct is good. I am Cheerful. I like Coffee. I am Courageous but Calm by nature. I love the Currency. I love to be Connected with people. I don't like Congestion. I like Cooperation and Coordination.

    Also, I like to Continue towards Cure................

    No life without Sun

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    Very interesting post from the author and the information given is good. Alphabet 'C' has a very important for Corona and its details. I hope doctors will definitely Come out with a Correct methodology and Counter the virus with a Cure. All the scientist are Concentrating on the same.
    always confident

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    This is an interesting correlation of letter C with many of the words in English. I am only looking for the ultimate combination in this regard connected to the letter C and that is - complete cure.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Corona causing containment zones and cobs are struggling. Children are the cause of course concern. Cold food like crazy cold foods are not used. Camera drone has set as a eye-catcher. See you the c is creating cumbersome situations. Close contacts are not allowed.
    Lead the leader

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