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    When and how are schools going to reopen after lockdown

    Now that there is slight relaxation in lockdown in some states this has become a topic of the main discussion these days, at least in governmental circles and media.
    It is everyone's knowledge that the Education sector and students are fully affected due to lockdown all over the world. In India, it almost coincides with summer vacation. Hence the impact was not felt in a great way or people did not mind this in front of other more priorities.

    The school academic year at least in Southern states is to start by June. It was a tradition in Kerala to reopen schools by 2nd June, in any case in the first week of June itself. Now it is less than a fortnight for that. There SSLC exam, the Higher Secondary Exam is not fully over. I read in newspapers that govt has readied the time-table to finish the uncompleted exams before May end. It has also decided to start the new admission process for schools from 18 th May onwards.

    I think this is an apt topic for us to discuss the various issues involved in a comprehensive view from across all states. What are the precautionary measures or rearrangements needed? How can they be implemented and complied with?

    When and how to reopen the schools?
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    The schools may not start immediately and may start from July 2020 or August 2020. Meanwhile, they have to conduct examinations for tenth and intermediate and results are to be declared. Entrance examinations are to be conducted. Institutions will be busy with these issues. For conducting the examinations more schools or colleges are to be used and the distance between students should be maintained as required. Hand wash is to be arranged at the entrance of the school. All students should wash and go inside. Masks are to be provided so that no one will be there without a mask.
    Even after starting the classes, the number of students on a bench should not be more than 3 students and the distance between the two tables should also be maintained. Otherwise, partitions are to be provided for each student. All the arrangements should be made accurately so that the spreading of the virus will not be there. Meanwhile, if a vaccine is made and administered to all, we need not worry.

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    Seeing the current situation it seems unlikely that school would be opening soon. What I understand that all these things are being told to people so that they would not panic unnecessarily. Everything would be decided by the trend of the spreading of the virus in coming days. Labourers have fled to their houses in their villages due to fear. They would not be coming to the cities back so easily. They would feel themselves safer in their villages. Like that things are happening in other areas also. Schools and colleges are the most sensitive places for spread of the virus. I do not think that they are going to open so soon.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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