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    Did humans begin snacking to sharpen their teeth?

    We often claim that humans are a disastrous pest that was awarded to Earth. But in reality, we just act like any other dominant creature would do. Cats, wild ones, often maraud their ecosystems as they are on the absolute top. But we think animals don't have a habit of snacking because snacks are a uniquely human idea.

    Animals surely do hunt for sport but they lack the ability to snack. But there is a thing animals, especially mammals do a lot. Animals bite stuff so they can sharpen their teeth. Since herbivores browse most of the times and grass is enough to polish their teeth, we are excluding them out. Omnivore and carnivore animals are often seen teething things. So is the human habit of snacking on small nuggets of food, a variation of teeth sharpening? Human babies do teething on their toys and people as their teeth develop. Maybe this habit of sharpening our teeth let us snack. Maybe that's in our genetic software. What do you all think?
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    There is a big classification in our ethics about the births which are of eighty four lacs in total. This 84 is classified into various according to the senses they have. They are water born, immovable (trees&plants), insects&reptiles, birds, animals and Human. On the other hand, the classification is egg-born, seed-born,sweat-born and womb-born.
    Here the human are only have sixth sense which is called discriminating power. This discriminating power is normally make our mind to distinguish good and bad. With that we, humans should analyse the items which can be eat or not. If we lose this discriminating power, we cannot be considered as a Human.

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    There are many traits in animals which are absent in humans due to obvious evolutionary trends and cultural development. We do not use our teeth in fighting with the enemies except in some specific circumstances so that trait is not developed in us. Due to the extraordinary consciousness level developed in the humans due to surprisingly distinct evolution, the human race has progressed phenomenally as compared to their animal counterparts. Many animals require food at intermittent periods and then have a short sleep. Cats are well known for this behaviour. These animals do not have any idea of snacks but will eat little at times. Humans have a well developed eating pattern connected to the complex brain mechanism under the genetic configuration. Our patterns are much more refined and developed in some human communities while in some they are still in early stages. For many human groups eating intermittently is a common thing.
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    What I feel that human being are the one who has six senses and the taste buds of humans are unique and that is the reason for us constantly developing taste for foods which are tasty, tangy, sweet or hot. Each of us are fond of one taste or the other and we love to snack one item or the other. So all these snacks are for our taste pleasure and nothing to do with the teething or sharpening of it.
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    Human beings are having more intelligence than any other living being and they have brains to use. They can discriminate between good and bad. A human being never thinks that the teeth are weapons, They never use them as weapons. Only I saw some small kids using them to cut the skin of other persons. So the teeth of human beings need not be very sharp. But animals may use their teeth for fighting out. We know that a rat will use its teeth to open the rice bags and eat the rice. We read a story in which a cat helped the birds to free them from a net by cutting the net with its teeth.
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    I had a cat which always chewed on a hard thing I provided her for playing. If I gave her a small twig or pencil or any wooden piece, she would go on cutting and biting it with her teeth. It might be to sharpen her teeth or some natural instinct in them to do so. This is quite common in some animals. Humans do not have this trait but they often go for eating snacks. I do not think that taking snacks is the evolutionary form of teeth sharpening.
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    Snacking is not for teeth sharpening. Man has developed tools by which he can sharpen teeth. Man is the species that takes food much more than for satisfying hunger. Man eats food for taste and time pass. Human tongue differentiates tastes.
    Moreover the jaws have a default action of movement. The teeth jaw and tongue also need exercise and movement. Otherwise they also get bored. So man goe on putting something ntoo his mouth. The two other species I can relate here is the Fowl and the Goat.

    The Tamil proverb " Verum vaai mellaravanukku konjam aval kidachapole.."( what if some crushed rice is given to a person who grinds his empty mouth?) would have come from this jaw /mouth movement.

    So snacking is for feeding the mouth and jaw movement, taste and time pass apart from hunger and habit.

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