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    If no vaccine or medicine invented to Covid-19 what happens to human life?

    We all know that for so many viral diseases scientists have not found till date. The old age disease cold has no vaccine. The fatal disease AIDS has no vaccine till now and scientists are working on it more than 30 years back. For Spanish flu, Dengue fever have no vaccine. We are simply getting treatment for the symptoms. There may be a chance that scientists may not find a vaccine for this disease also and hope for the better that it won't happen. If it happens it will really dictate human life and the world since it won't be easy to control like AIDS disease? Will the herd immunity save the world? What will be the state of world if this happens?
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    If there will be no vaccine for COVID-19, we will have to live with it. We will have to make lots of changes in our life style, working style and social behaviour. Many companies will continue work from home. Social gathering will also be impacted. Everything will be changed and everybody will have to live like this.

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    My strong feeling is this. COVID 19 is a peculiar disease that we haven't witnessed earlier. It is a dangerous disease. If unnoticed and uncared, it would take away the lives. It is because of the incubation period of 14 or more days. As it enters a body, it multiplies. The virus takes shelter in a body and grows bigger. In between, while it is small it gets out and spreads out to take shelter in another human body. Thus it spreads fast without being known. This is the peculiarity of this deadly virus.

    Life has not started yet. We are just married to the virus. How we are going to live with the virus is yet to be watched. The whole world will live in Corona fear if we do not eradicate and make it ZERO.

    I said it in a layman's language.

    No life without Sun

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    This is a fearful question and answer to it is not so simple and even the medical experts would shy on talking this subject. I do not think that we can answer this question but in past there are some historical examples where the then existing threat subsided after 2-3 years. So, that is the only hope now. Till that time how we would survive is to be seen.
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    I am sure the hard and self-sacrificing work of our scientists, doctors and virologists and even ordinary people will yield result very soon. I trust that within a couple of monthsther will come an effective treating medicine or an effective vaccine.

    But even otherwise we will manage to live taking all the neded precautions. We may focus more on preventive medicines and immunity boosting food and lifestyle.

    Soon our capacities and capabilities of error free testing wil increase. The special treating centre facilities will increase. So the mortality rate by the infection will reduce drastically. Early diagnosis will help getting early medical care and will help early recovery.

    With the combined focus of strict preventive measures and early test and early timely medical care when criticality and mortality decreases,the scare and panic will vanish .Then people wil be living normally just like many other vrus around for which effective vaccines are not there.

    But the Covid has invited universal attention and focus and so a cure or vaccine will soon come.

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    I hope that soon any vaccine or medicine will be found. But for a moment suppose no medicine is found as the author has imagined then God forbid ! despite taking all precautionary measures human lives will face a serious danger on their existence on this planet. AIDS and other such diseases aren't contagious like coronavirus. People can't live carrying this disease. Who knows which family member is carrying this deadly virus.

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    Hope is the biggest thing in our lives and today the situation is such that we must evoke our hopes in this matter, if we want to fight this deadly and difficult virus. This is the time to show unity of the purpose and cooperate with the authorities so that their decisions to help the common people of this country stand right. This is no time for political vendetta. This is time to count how many beds we have in the hospitals, how many doctors and nurses are there, can we call the final year students and other who have completed their internship for assisting in hospitals etc. The vaccine or drug is so far not found and some are under testing and even if that becomes a success then it would take some time to manufacture and make available that to all the corners of the globe. I have strong hopes that it would be there soon as so many top scientists and scholars are working day and night. People are already doing commendable helping jobs in the society to support the people suffering from this crisis. Yesterday I saw a news item that some kind hearted people are providing water and electoral to the persons travelling in long distance truck to keep their immunity intact.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If medicine or vaccine not invented sooner or later, then that can be presumed as the start of the end of this world. There must be a end to any thing that is seen with the naked eyes. And when the science fraternity fail to strike a vaccine in near future, the damage is being done on daily basis. At least for India there is a hope for going the Ayurvedha way which proved that the disease can be contained and Ayush has been taking steps to popularize the decoction being prepared and sold across the country. One thing is sure when the great minds mingle together, best things happen, as India and US are already in the job of creating a vaccine and Bharath Biotek, Shantha Biotek are spending their night times to arrive at a vaccine. Let us all pray that a sure shot vaccine helpful to the mankind should be available by this year end.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We have been hearing since the inception of the coronavirus that the scientists of this country or that country are trying to find a vaccine of this new disease but in the whole picture where are our scientists ?

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    #696740 You have raised a wonderful question. This can be unanswered through our lifetime or our next generation lifetime. After this country and that country invented a vaccine a label or sticker will present writing in two languages (Hindi and English).
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    For now, I think it is possible to find a vaccine for Corona virus. We could not find a vaccine for HIV because the virus mutates very fast. Mutate means changing its genetic code. If we develop a vaccine for one strain of HIV, it is getting turned into another strain by changing its genetic code. So, the developed vaccine becomes ineffective for the newer strain. Generally, mutation happens when the Virus tries to survive. But for Corona virus, it is finding lots of hosts (human beings) very easily, so it need not to modify itself to survive and will remain in the original form for long. So, we can find a vaccine for this original form of virus.
    But over a period of time, due to herd immunity and vaccination, the virus may mutate into newer forms to survive. Then the developed vaccine may not work and scientists need to find vaccines for the new strains.
    But scientists already claim that there are already different strains of Corona virus exist now. Let's see what happens in the future.

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    If no vaccine for Corona, we have to live with it. We don't know who will get the problem and at what time. So always we should live in the fear of getting that problem at any time. We have to mend our habits a lot. We have to maintain social distance forever. Demand for masks and sanitizers will be there forever and deaths will be more.
    But there is news that already vaccine is developed and it is under testing. The search for a vaccine is going on across the globe and success will come very shortly. So there is no chance for not discovering a vaccine. How fast they can find out the same is the question? Let us hope and wish that the scientist will be successful at the earliest and the Corona will be stopped with the vaccine. Then only we can witness our fast life what we had before the emergence of this virus. Otherwise, the whole world will be financial troubles and we have to face many problems. So I think that the scientists will never accept defeat in this issue and they will come out successful.

    always confident

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    Arafatuzzafar, I can appreciate your apprehension about delay in finding the vaccines but you must know that the vaccine is the ultimate end to the pandemic and hence before zeroing on the final results, clinical tests on various animals are conducted and the results are decoded thereof. There has been consistent effort on private and public enterprises in this regard and in fact some pharma bio tech companies have the pacts with US research firms and the clinical trails are going on and that is why it is hoped that a final vaccine which is affordable to the world would come out soon for the benefit of mankind.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We should be positive always. I think that the world will success in making the vaccine. The case of either or may be dangerous for living beings. Because if corona remains in a single person then we can not break the chain of corona transition. It is not the self ending disease. It is challenging the existence of human as well as other living beings. We should practice to live with corona because we can't continue the lockdown for years and this disease will never end without proper vaccine. Our doctors are trying their best. May they got success in their work! Nothing is greater than the efforts of human.
    We will win,corona will lose. A salute for our corona warriors and central,state governments.

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    A good thought from the writer about the impact and effect the pandemic of Corona that will put on humans. Covid-19 is putting the same impact that Spanish Flu had done to human race when it broke out in 1918 and lasted for about 2 years. As per the record or datas available, an estimated of 500 million people were infected around the globe and an estimated 20 -50 million victims were killed of the pandemic. Even during that time, no effective drugs or vaccines was available to treat virus or flu. Just imagine, even after 102 years, they have not been able to come out with a drug or medicine for the same. The only solution to keep people from being infecting from the flu was by tweaking face mask, shutting down of schools, theaters and businesses so as to keep distancing from people or grouping up.

    When we actually have a thought on the same, are we not following the same step during the present COVID-19 pandemic of wearing face mask, social distancing, shutting down of schools, theaters, malls, transportation and businesses, functions, etc so as to stop the spread of the killer virus. If we are not able to make vacine or drug for it, it will take more lives and will be very dangerous to lives. Even after so much development in science and technology, if we are not able to make the required medicine on time, when will it be made and how can the present situation be brought under control as it is not about one country but its world wide.

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    No one is ready to say that a vaccine will be found in a few days to put an end to the corona era. All scientifically advanced countries say that it would take years to find a vaccine. What is the assurance or guarantee that a vaccine will be found after a year or more?

    Even by maintaining TDS, we are likely to be affected, and the infection will be on the increase. When there will be no place or people to treat, the death rate will increase. Thus the world population will be reduced, for the earth to balance its weight.

    Therefore live the days happily without any worry. Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't be greedy to accumulate wealth for the unknown and unpredictable future.

    No life without Sun

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    We already have learnt about how to build our immunity over these days when lock down was in continuous process. There were more than 100 core brains thinking about how to face this virus with a positive mind. Housewives have tried they hands on the immunity based recipes so that the food can help them to take care of their health. The person going out of the family to bring provisions and vegetables has taken enough care to maintain social distancing although it was a huge crowd at a few places.
    We all have taken measures to stay away from this virus. If the vaccine is not coming to our support immunity is the only one way to support us thoroughly to bring in new lives in us.
    Let's share a few immunity based foods already used by those who have struggled the quarantine periods as well who were under medication in several hospitals. Their valuable experience will be a real support for us.

    Lead the leader

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