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    What do you have knowledge about origin of human civilization?

    Today we are in the age of science and technology. Since we are humans that's why we should take interest in the starting of human life. It is said that chimpanzees were the ancestors of humans. If it is true then what are the details about the birth of first chimpanzee. There are many other theories also . My curiosity wants to know about
    1) starting of living beings
    2)starting of human beings
    3)order of human development
    There are many theories about this thread. That's why you are free to give your answer with your current knowledge so that we can get a conclusion about the birth of humans on the earth
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    I do not know what was the past. What was civilization etc.

    Were we monkeys or not I don't know. According to the Bible, God created Adam and Eve. They united and created the future generation and generation. Christians and Muslims came out of Adam and Eve.

    According to Hindu myths, Lord Shiva created a male and female and sent them to earth (Boologam) for the generation of mankind.

    Should we trust the science or the myths?

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    Science is yet to answer about these questions and as I have also mentioned in another thread in forum section that science is in its early stage as contrary to the common belief that science has progressed to its apex. It is only a beginning and much more mysteries of the nature are to be unravelled by scientific pursuits. Many questions are under research and presently unanswered like - origin of life. Theories are there but until we practically create life in laboratory from dead chemicals and dead materials we cannot believe in those theories. Darwin gave a theory of evolution in which it is explained how humans developed from their nearest alike animals that is ape/ chimpanzee. Darwin's work 'Origin of Species' is a good exercise in this domain and those who want to understand more about evolutionary processes must read that book. Order of human development is much more interesting as it involves change in hereditary codes due to geographical areas, climate and natural habitats. These things happened over a long time that is thousands and lakhs of years and are to be understood in that speed and frequency only. Those who are interested can read this book review in the article section.
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    Human being is the best creation of God. Darwin's theory could be acceptable to those who believe that their forefathers were animals. Such theories are flawed and garbage in my sight.

    (Hz) Adam (a.s.) and (Hz) Hawwa or Eve (a.s.) are our forefathers. If you ever happen to visit Ayodhya (UP) you can see 12 ft long grave of (Hz) Shis (a.s.), the son of (Hz) Adam (a.s.) and also you can see 9 graves in Sirhind (Punjab) of primitive human race.

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    There are many unknown things which science also is not able to explain at this stage. We thought that we can control everything. But today we are surrendered to the Virus and sitting in the house without doing anything. We thought the medical field has done many things and eradicated many diseases. But now we are silent. This is an example of proving that nature is superior to human beings.
    We hear that God has created a male and a female and that is the beginning of mankind on the earth. slowly the population increased and strive for food and comforts started. There are many developments and in that process, we have made nature angry. So the intelligence of man is limited to spoiling the things rather than knowing the unknown things I feel.

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    What I feel that we are all related to the Monkey and slowly transformed to the human face naturally. Today only I came across a video in which a a person does the shaving to his pet monkey and it shows the face and wait for all moves as sought by the master and it cooperates well. May be like human being the monkeys also have the itching sensation of the hair once grown more and that need to be discarded. This proves and testifies the answer to this post that we are the species from monkey and most of the human behavior exists in monkeys like cremating those which are dead how we does.
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    it's obvious silliness, yes a certain evolution does exist, but not breeding totally different species, otherwise we'd have humans with 3 fingers and 4 legs, and 6 fingers and 1 leg etc, since according to that theory, all beings came out of one micro-organism (not explaining the origin),
    if different species came out of each product, there would certainly be different types of humans as some would have found use in more fingers, arms legs etc, and eyes, ears etc, and those would have continued to diversify. we would have humans - not apes - with all sorts of differences since the family continued to split and change slightly.
    even so called evolutionists agree that humans came from one common ancestor,
    then that ancestor would have had siblings or cousins, uncles, aunts which were slightly different and split into very similar species
    - which apes build planes and satellites?

    darwin did not break the nut in one go with this human animal thing, but it was seized, supported, and pushed by very influential people at the very top to destroy the barrier that was holding them back from becoming "gods" in the eyes of the people,
    once that was broken - they were able to change opinions like the wind.
    the term "fundamentalist" is not used as a derogatory form of expression without cause, they are fully aware that those who hold onto well grounded never changing principles (fundamentals) are the hardest to sway and lead around and buffet like sheep,
    a doctor who is well versed in the fundamentals in his field is more difficult to deceive than one who only knows the outer things.
    a clear example is sodomy - they couldn't easily have pushed it as commendable if people held onto their "fundamental" understanding of right and wrong.
    the same could be said for incest - what is to say they can't manufacture a majority opinion in future and make it "bigoted" to say it's wrong?
    it's about shaking the foundations of faith.
    since the Quran clearly specifies the people you can't marry, the type of commerce which is usury, the type of behaviour which is deplorable, it gives people a foundation to work from.
    i believe the financial issue is the main reason why it is so bitterly opposed in the corridors of the "elite" - since the devil uses wealth and power to control it's servants.
    so if they can't shake the foundations, they try to work it with allurements and base instincts,
    "you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals........."
    but again - that feeling of dignity which comes from knowing you are the species which is chosen to be the vicegerent of God, given power over all creation, able to make decisions for all species, tends to make you sit up and reflect.
    i sincerely believe that it is due to that "certain eternal principles which never change" acknowledgement people have in their very nature (fitrah), that they attempt to subjugate people by making them feel like helpless animals, and that darwin's theory and survival of the fittest was pushed so heavily for that reason, the "top of the chain" awe does not have the same effect on people well grounded in Islam, since there's not even a priesthood and even the previously worst can become the leader if his actions become the best. wealth power and influence cannot faze these people so easily - any child can lead the prayer if he has more knowledge.
    consider this - the creation theory has (for argument's sake) the same validity and debatable nature as the evolution from a single micro-organism theory - (extensive scientific debates are available in the open source field).
    why is it that these arguments are not to be found in schools, and the pros and cons are never discussed, but rather the evolution of monkeys theory is taught as "unanimously accepted" fact and heavily drilled into children from an early age?

    Note: Darwin belonged to Freemasons group

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    We have learned about stone age etcin our school/college.
    I feel that Humans wouldhave improved upon generation by generation, period after period from the day uHumans came on Earth. That continues even today.
    As per Indian knowledge of time and space there is the cyclic Yuga Chakra, Kalpa Chakra etc. The Creation and Detruction repeats in cycles. Now from the Vedic and other scriptures we know only about the last three Yugas, in this Chatur yuga slot. From that we have some concise idea of how people were in their Dharma, Karma and life style. That itself accounts for many million years.

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    The earliest records for civilization are seen in Mesopotamia and dated about 12,000 years ago. That's when people of that time understood the concepts and put in practice agriculture, domesticated animals, trade, and culture. The area is approximately in the present-day Iraq, between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates of that time. Others like the Egyptian and the Indus Valley civilizations came after. There are archeological discoveries to confirm these.

    Then came the evolutionary theory (emphasis on theory only, which means there is no proof), which brought their own people and their love for adding the number zero multiple times after any dates regarding history of man and earth. They put forward many theories and have never been able to substantiate any with evidence. Despite this glaring failure, this theory is accepted as fact, and is forced upon the world's educational systems. So today, it is politically incorrect to go against this theory, and this (un)truth is enforced by discrimination, loss of employment, and things along those lines.

    The actual records of human beginning is found in the Bible, which besides being a book for worship of God the Creator, is also a history book which records the genealogy of man from Adam and Eve till about 2000 years ago. Man and woman, birds, animals, fishes, trees, grasses, etc. were all created in 6 days, all ready-made by God. There are discoveries from before and even now that confirm the history as written in this book. The world we live in, despite the pretense of denying the existence of God, revolves around the Bible – undeniable proof is found in the creation of a state called Israel, from land stolen from Palestinians in the area. Israel was at one time the "chosen people" who were to be an example of Godly life and teach the ways of God to people around them. All people have free choice to do follow closely or from afar or not at all, because God does not force people to follow him. The "chosen people" lost their calling fully due to their own stubborn, rebellious, wicked ways and consequently loaded with fear and loathing, to ultimately deceive others around that they still the "chosen people". Today they try to regain their lost greatness by enforcing their so-called-truth with severe consequences for denial.

    The early civilizations are dated about 12,000 years. Bible records the creation of earth at about 6,200 years. The difference between the two is small compared to the massive million/billion time frame given by the fake-science aspects which are geared to deny existence of God, else their world view simply collapses.

    The book also talks about the future wherein Jerusalem is to become the capital of a one-world government and a whole lot of more details about these including the mark of the beast and 666 and so on which we can see getting put in place with the development of science and technology and digitization.

    The first parts of the Bible old testament is accepted by the 3 groups – the Christians, Muslims and Jews.

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    So far what we have read in our school is the survival of species and evolution of new species and in the process some species became extinct who could not win in the struggle of existence on this planet. Humans progressed so much because of their enhanced mental levels.
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    You can go through my article which explains human ancestors, prominent ones atleast. Chimps aren't ancestors of modern humans, that's something we must understand. Humans are from Homo genus. Chimps are from other genus, Pan. Chimpanzees and humans split in evolution tree some 6 million years ago, when we shared a common ancestor from then. Homo Erectus that came later, were probably the first among the human species we can call as humans. Humans like today's birds and whales etc.. Had a vibrant genus. We at one point existed with other species of humans like Homo Florensiensis, Denisovian Man, Homo Erectus, Neanderthals etc. For most of the pre history, almost a couple million years, we shared the planet with our relatives from other Homo species. Sometimes we interbred too. Studies have shown that species of Neanderthals had musical instruments like flutes, buried their dead, took care of handicapped members, engaged in brutal campaigns if necessary etc. Homo Erectus could use stone tools and fire well.
    Oldest of continual modern human/Homo Sapien settlements were from 12000-10000 BC from Turkey. I don't remember the names of the settlements but these places had elaborate housing. The door was in the cieling and people entered through cieling. Around 4000BC we see continual settlements in Egypt and Sumer region. City states were born then. Religion though, seems to be much older, as we have objects used for rituals or worship from as far as 40,000 years ago.

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    Supplementing what Aditya has narrated, I want to add here that the time scale of evolutionary processes is very large and beyond the comprehension of the laymen. So, these things cannot be understood in simple relation to our life time which is well within 90-95 years with exceptions of some people surviving beyond that for a few years more. The scientists and geologists together work out to unravel these things by reconstructing the past events on a larger scale and make a chain of evolution. There are many questions in that technique but that is the way as how the scientific projects work. They go on improving the techniques to reach the truth. They have to see the things over a long time period. For example giant Dinosaurs were there on Earth long back and were extinct sometime about 60 million years ( 60,000,000 years) back as per the radioactive dating and other methods. So, the chain is yet to be completed by putting all the elements in place over such a long time and it is obvious that geological data gaps would also be there.
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